Planting a tangled structural network on a pier

Project Specs

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Where the Riverfront Park recreational space extends onto the waterway, Form of Wander is situated to host new outdoor activities and new memories of the Tampa’s active waterfront. As an inverted mangrove, the green-hued aluminum canopy announces itself among palms as a signal on the Hillsborough River. The tree-like structure appears to float between water and land.



穿越小径 | Through the Allée 


▼穿越“小径”,到达结构内部,an “allée” leading to the structure

In the tradition of 17th century french gardening, this form of movement directly translates to landscape design. The allée is a feature of the formal garden, where a promenade of manicured trees would frame views and allow for leisurely strolls of French courtesans. Seemingly carved through a wooded grove, the perspectival quality of the allée emphasized the extension of the path, as stretched on toward a point on the horizon. These qualities and the experience of the leisurely walk can be found across other architectural references. We see it echoed on the boardwalk, the pier, the streetside promenade–all places that provide for a pace of walking that gives way to pause, reflection, and wavering affections.

▼结构的“腿部”形成间隔空间并带来视野,legs splay out strategically to make spaces between them and frame views


漫游的色彩 | Wandering Coloration 

装置中采用了从“Chatty Cricket”到“Green Whisper”六种不同的绿色,形成一种线性的渐变。坦帕是一座阳光明媚的城市,在大多数情况下,“漫游结构”会呈现为亮绿色;而在十分少见的阴天里,它们的色彩会变得更加柔和。这种低饱和度的绿色取自新艺术风格中常见的铆接结构,与环绕在岸边的青翠棕榈相映成趣。

Six greens from “Chatty Cricket” to “Green Whisper” make up a linear gradient applied locally and according to the direction of the topology. Chosen specifically to react to the changing sun, the palette livens to a bright green in response to Tampa’s usually sunny weather, without tipping into the yellow spectrum, and appears more pastel on the rarer grey days. The muted green borrows from a tradition of Art Nouveau-era riveted structures, and stands up against the verdant palms of the shoreline surrounds.

▼绿色的结构与环绕在岸边的青翠棕榈相映成趣,the muted green stands up against the verdant palms of the shoreline surrounds

▼结构细部,detailed view


弹性设计- 超薄增强结构 | Resilient Design – Reinforcing Ultra-Thin 


▼结构生成动画,build-up animation

The branches and intersections of this network are not distributed and held in tension, but highly curated and directional. Legs splay out strategically to make spaces between them and frame views. The form is pulled to project out toward the water, in swooping cantilevered. The columns aid in that directionality, giving a sense that the form has been picked up by the wind.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

▼夜景,night view

▼结构分析图,engineering analysis


Client: Hillsborough County
Photography by NAARO
Dimensions: 21’H x 21’W x 52’D
Number of Parts: 3,123
Number of Rivets: 10,3184
Linear Gradient: 6 greens from “Chatty Cricket” to “Green Whisper”


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