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Studio Bocchi事务所为闪充电池公司Flash Battery建造了公司总部,它位于意大利北部雷焦艾米利亚省(Reggio Emilia)的圣特拉里奥恩扎(Sant’Ilario d’Enza),为这家新兴公司快速且活跃的发展提供了支持。短短几年内,这家初创公司靠生产配备先进控制装置的锂电池成为在国际上活跃、在意大利领先的公司,拥有60名员工,年营业额达到1400万欧元,因此建立了能够体现产品特性的新行政兼生产总部。

The new headquarters built by Studio Bocchi for Flash Battery in Sant’Ilario d’Enza, in the province of Reggio Emilia, in Northern Italy, support the young company in its rapid and lively growth. The leap forward made by the start-up company, which in just a few years has become an internationally active and a leader in Italy for the production of lithium batteries equipped with advanced controls, with 60 employees and a yearly turnover of 14 million Euros, suggested the creation of new administrative and production headquarters capable of interpreting the identity and characteristics of the production.

▼项目概览,general view © Atelier XYZ

Studio Bocchi事务所的总部位于帕尔马,在工业建筑领域拥有40多年的丰富经验,对他们来说,该项目的关键在于设计实用的方案,即采用简单的结构,确保其灵活性、建造成本和施工速度,注重建筑美学以及创造舒适实用的工作环境。因此,结构设计基于传统布局形成综合系统,其中,行政部分被规划成智能办公室,生产区则作为行政部分的补充和扩展。

For Studio Bocchi, the design group based in Parma with over 40 years of extensive experience in the industrial sector, the key points of the project were clear and required a pragmatic approach: structural simplicity to ensure flexibility, cost efficiency and speed of execution, attention to the aesthetic definition of the building and the creation of a pleasant and functional working environment. Hence the design of a structure that, while reinterpreting a traditional layout, has given rise to an integrated system in which the management office is configured as a smart office and the production quarters as a complementary extension.

▼办公楼正对停车区域,office building is facing the parking area © Atelier XYZ

▼经过绿化设计的停车位,green parking spaces © Atelier XYZ


On the outside, the entire ground floor is glazed, which visually detaches the other two floors from the ground. Two upper floors are characterized by a glass façade screened by a protruding metal sunshade that creates a new volume, defined by a pattern that almost dematerializes the building.

▼首层采用玻璃立面,上层采用金属挡板 © Atelier XYZ
ground floor is glass facade, and upper floor is metal sunshade

▼入口,entrance © Atelier XYZ

▼入口绿化,entrance greening © Atelier XYZ


The office building has been “hollowed out” in the middle to obtain a glazed patio around which the interior spaces are arranged.

▼天井俯瞰,top view of patio © Atelier XYZ

▼玻璃围合天井,patio enclosed by glazed facade © Atelier XYZ

▼室外走廊,outdoor corridor © Atelier XYZ


On the ground floor, the courtyard welcomes visitors. The vertical distribution system with stairs and suspended walkways increases the sense of lightness and brightness.

▼接待处,reception © Atelier XYZ

▼楼梯,stairs © Atelier XYZ

▼悬浮走廊,suspended walkway © Atelier XYZ


The interiors of the offices are designed as open-space, where workstations are interspersed with communal areas, zones for collaboration, phone booths, meeting rooms and relaxation lounges, with the aim of creating a dynamic and collaborative environment.

▼灵活的布局,flexible layout © Atelier XYZ

▼开放的办公空间,open offices © Atelier XYZ

▼会议室,meeting room © Atelier XYZ

▼封闭而透明的公共空间,closed and transparent common space © Atelier XYZ

▼协作区域,zones for collaboration © Atelier XYZ

▼细部,details © Atelier XYZ

▼夜景,night view © Atelier XYZ

▼总平面图,site plan © Studio Bocchi

▼二层平面图,first floor plan © Studio Bocchi

▼三层平面图,second floor plan © Studio Bocchi

▼剖面图,section © Studio Bocchi

▼剖透视,sectional perspective © Studio Bocchi

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