Financial City Community Center, China by Lacime Architects

A modern “Taihu Stone“

Project Specs


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▼建筑面朝城市绿地,the project faces the urban green area ©是然建筑影像

▼鸟瞰,aerial view ©是然建筑影像

The project is located in the central section next to Suzhou Canal, where there is a grand canal view in the distance and urban trunk road in close proximity. We explore inherent logic of local cultural form and language and apply them to the design to stimulate the vitality of surrounding open space and make it the city parlor for residents.

▼手绘草图,sketches ©日清建筑

▼设计示意动图,concept gif. ©日清建筑


▼建筑外观,exterior view ©是然建筑影像

▼大台阶,the grand staircase ©是然建筑影像

▼设计试图隐喻和建构一个当代太湖石,the project attempts to establish the connection between Taihu stone and front structure ©是然建筑影像

As a “poetic” city rich in historical and cultural heritage, Suzhou is widely known as the “garden city”. Taihu stone is an essential element of the garden, and it represents an important cultural carrier much loved by citizens. The project attempts to establish the connection between Taihu stone and front structure. Based on this, a modern balanced Taihu stone with metaphorical meaning is created in a twisted, bevel and split form. The past and present forms are overlapped to transcend time and space, which gives viewers an experience of traveling into the past and future.

▼建筑近景,a close view ©是然建筑影像


The third interface is added beyond the structure and glass curtain wall so that viewers can’t see through internal space, which blurs the distinction between internal and external spaces. The outer skin system, glass curtain wall system and column system are separated in proper order, and they look somewhat different, but get overlapped visually. Such ambiguity results in a reserved yet passionate experience.

▼参数化的表面肌理,the parameterized skin texture ©是然建筑影像


The second-layer facade design is particularly important. The designer uses parameterized skin texture and creates a poetic picture of Suzhou by lines. The abstract binary pattern goes through time and space in an attempt to give viewers non-figurative graphical information, so it can be Jiangnan landscape with misty rain, continuous Suzhou-style satin, flowing canal water or even a poet’s haunting homesickness or lovesickness.

▼承载诗意的画卷,a poetic picture of Suzhou by lines ©是然建筑影像


Much space is left in the project, and the meaning of Suzhou is explored by modern approach. That is, simple geometry, some twists and curves all showcase flowing lines. An infinite state is achieved in a simple way.

▼从现代简洁的手法中寻找姑苏之意,the meaning of Suzhou is explored by modern approach ©是然建筑影像


▼花园小径,pathway in the garden ©是然建筑影像

▼建筑东侧花园,the garden on the east side ©是然建筑影像


▼钢结构模型轴测,column-free steel structure ©日清建筑

It strives to achieve unity of structure, space and form throughout the project. The main space is a flowing space with column-free steel structure, and the roof is presented in a twisted form. Sunlight streams through the sides, and outdoor large steps lead to indoor space. They constitute an endless loop and get interwoven to blend in with the building form.

▼屋面天光,the skylights in the roof ©是然建筑影像

▼室内空间,interior view ©是然建筑影像

▼室外的大台阶延伸至室内,indoor staircase ©是然建筑影像

▼主入口大门,main entrance ©是然建筑影像


To bring simplicity to the space, we adopt the design combining steel structure and curtain wall, and that means the load-bearing system of curtain wall becomes the structural system. More upright columns are used without beam columns to form an orderly space structure.

▼建筑二层悬挑空间,the cantilevered space ©是然建筑影像

▼平台栏杆,the handrail ©是然建筑影像

▼穿孔板立面细部,the perforated panel facade ©是然建筑影像

▼场地平面图,site plan ©日清建筑

▼一层平面图,1F plan ©日清建筑

▼二层平面图,2F plan ©日清建筑

▼剖面图,section ©日清建筑

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