A new reduction house, Japen by DOG

Create garden by demolishing part of the old house

Project Specs


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This is a project to reduct a traditional 50 year old Japanese house because it is too large for two adults to live in. Originally, it was a corridor + marginal type, and the interior was dark as a whole, and there was almost no light even on the north side during the day. According to the inspection, it was also revealed that the existing main house had no seismic resistance and only the eastern extension was braced, so the overall seismic balance was poor. Therefore, we decided to dismantle the building west side (about 1/4 of the whole) leaving behind the “framework and roof”.

▼住宅外观,exterior view © Nao Takahashi

▼建筑西侧被拆除,只留下屋顶及结构框架,the building west side was demolished leaving behind the “framework and roof” © Nao Takahashi


The Japanese roof tiles of this house were quite good, and we felt that the essence of the tiles was effective on the gable-end side. As a result, a semi-outdoor space is created, and by applying gravel to the inside of the foundation, it becomes a rock garden with a mysterious texture.

▼利用山墙打造半室外空间,a semi-outdoor space is created under the gable © Nao Takahashi

▼地基上铺设碎石,applying gravel to the inside of the foundation © Nao Takahashi

▼别具一格的岩石花园,unique rock garden © Nao Takahashi


▼混凝土墙向外延伸,形成类似神社的大门,RC wall extends from the house and also serves as the gate of the shrine on the site © Nao Takahashi

▼混凝土门细节,detail of the gate made of RC wall © Nao Takahashi

Furthermore, RC walls were used at the boundary between the rock garden and the interior space. Hitting RC at a height that does not reach the wooden beam, swallowing existing wooden pillars and tightening them to make “shorter columns” and perform seismic reinforcement that RC is not too effective, and expected as a texture that evokes a new life. This RC wall extends from the house and also serves as the gate of the shrine on the site.

▼室内与花园间以钢筋混凝土墙相隔,interior space and the garden are separated by RC wall © Nao Takahashi

▼厨房及餐厅,kitchen and dining room © Nao Takahashi

▼墙高度低于屋顶的木梁,内嵌有建筑原有的立柱,RC at a height that does not reach the wooden beam, swallowing existing wooden pillars © Nao Takahashi

▼钢筋混凝土墙细节,detail of the RC wall © Nao Takahashi

▼走廊空间,corridor © Nao Takahashi

▼住宅傍晚的灯光,lights of the house at dusk © Nao Takahashi

▼平面图,plan © DOG

▼剖面图,section © DOG

Title:A new reduction house in Kawagoe
Lead architect:Ryutaro Saito + Yuki Kojima
Location:Kawagoe-shi Saitama Japan
Design period:01/2019~07/2019
Construction period:08/2019~11/2019
Structure/Number of Floors:RC+W/1F
Building area:123.98sqm
Total floor area:87.67sqm
Structural engineer:Tetsuya Tanaka / Tetsuya Tanaka Structural Engineers
Photographer:Nao Takahashi

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