Felix Stella by Lasvit + Jana Růžičková

A new-born star sparkling in the empty hotel atrium

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这座悬挂在天津洲际酒店大堂的灯光装置叫做Felix Stella,它将引领着你再次展开对美的探寻。

A Star Was Born…
Do you sometimes feel alone? Lost in the chaotic world full of seemingly pointless responsibilities? People stopped looking at the stars above their heads and the appreciation for beauty is slowly disappearing from our lives. But don’t panic, there are still places keeping the light of the beauty alive.
…and Shines Brightly
lighting installation called Felix Stella sparkling above your head. Discover the beauty…again!

这颗“星”由750块捷克玻璃组装而成,每块玻璃都包含一个内置的LED模块。设计师Jana Růžičková在谈到她的设计灵感时表示:“在一个特定的时间和地点,宇宙将星际间的尘埃汇聚在一起,一颗星星便就此诞生。它以超越世界的能量闪耀出自己的光芒。”从开始设计到3D模型的建成,设计师共花费了38个小时。

Overall 750 pieces of Czech glass were assembled to create the look of a star. Each piece conceals the internal LED module inside.The galaxy is full of stars and to find the brightest one, you have to see the others.  “At a certain moment and place, the universe brings interstellar dust together and a star is born. It pulses with energy and shines bright with a power beyond this world,” says designer Jana Růžičková about her inspiration. The journey from the inspiration to creation started at the desk. About 38 hours were spent clicking away the 3D model of Felix Stella.


The eye-catching lighting effect is called dynamic lighting. Do you know what it is? The light travels through the installation according to pre-set scenarios. Sometimes it looks like a pack of fireflies, sometimes it’s a pulsing light.

Felix Stella填满了宽20米、高27米的全部中庭空间。玻璃星的光芒以其动人的美触及了客人们的内心,使他们意识到自己从未远离过太空,也从未远离它无尽的美。他们就是宇宙的一部分。

Our technicians filled an empty hotel atrium with a shining beauty that is 20 meters wide and 27 meters tall. You could say that the space is filled to its fullest potential. The light of the glass star also fills the hearts of visitors with the unique beauty of light. This place will make you realize that you are never far away from space and its endless beauty, that you are part of it.

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