Fall of the Walled Garden by Mason Studio + Tennis

A ethereal space of stillness

Project Specs


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这个位于多伦多格拉德斯通酒店(Gladstone Hotel)临时装置探索了公共体验与私人体验之间是如何融合的。该装置专门针对这个酒店空间而设计,在本项目中,所有参与体验者都进入一个氛围柔和的房间中,设计师希望房间中的光线、声音以及缥缈的、从天花板上垂下的丝状物能够唤起体验者的身体和情感反应。

▼空间概览,overview of the project

The site-specific temporary installation at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel explores the convergence of public and private experiences. A crowd of participants are transported into a muted room where light, sound and a ethereal suspended form evokes a physical and emotional response from its guests.

▼光线变化的空间局部,设有从天花板上垂下的缥缈的丝状物,partial interior view of the space with a ethereal suspended form in the different light environments

▼从天花板上垂下的缥缈的丝状物细节,details of the ethereal suspended form

体验者们可以在这个空间中缓慢地爬动,也可以坐在空间中央的立方体状凳子上,甚至可以直接躺在地板上,从而从快节奏的生活中逃离出来,暂时放慢脚步,体验一个静止的空间。本装置由Mason Studio和图形传播公司Tennis共同完成。

Encouraged to crawl, sit and lie, the audience commits to a space of stillness, a space to slow down. The installation was a collaboration between Mason Studio and graphic communication firm, Tennis.

▼体验者们可以坐在空间中央的立方体状凳子上或者地上,participants can sit on the cubic seat or the floor

▼体验者们可以躺在空间的地板上,participants can lie on the floor of the space

Project size: 300 ft2
Completion date: 2014
Project team: Mason Studio + Tennis

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