Expansion Construction Works Of The Ansião Fire-fighter’s Headquarters by Bruno Dias Arquitectura + Luís Ventura Arquitectura

The space covered by the corrugated sheets

Project Specs


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In the main entry into Ansião, we come upon an impressive and solid building, which is the Fire-fighter’s Headquarters. The building has an irregular layout, with an uncontrolled and rugged foundation, which is the result of several unembellished alterations and extensions that it was subject to, throughout the times.

▼从内部广场看项目外观,exterior view of the expansion from the inner plaza


As the numbers and the means of the corps increased, the need to expand the premises increased again, and the use of the vacant land in the back of the building, was chosen for this purpose. As the starting point of any concept, it was necessary to understand and be fully informed by the experts of the rigour of the correct functioning, which would result in an architectural plan of organisational consistency. The main prerequisites of the project outlined the need of expanding without affecting what pre-existed, but baring in mind that any future renovations would merge into the existing project, as an intrinsic part of each other.

▼项目街景外观,建筑体量顺应倾斜的地势,street view of the expansion that adapts to the slope site

▼项目街景外观及其主入口,入口处设有玻璃盒子体量,the street view of the expansion and its main entrance with a glass box volume next to it



▼项目概念草图,the concept sketch

The plan was to add new features and upgrade some of the existing ones. The present headquarters and the proposed expansion in an ‘L’ shape, rooted into the existing slopes, create a layover in its interior, that gives room to a sense of unity which opens up into the exterior space, and thus leaving an open plan for the corps to use in their outdoor activities.

In this court, the ward which abuts onto the old headquarters, houses the control room, the training rooms, and the service areas, while the other side is used for housing the vehicles, the garage and the workshop.

▼从内部广场看加建体量,L造型的一边则专门用于停放消防车,viewing the expansion from the inner plaza, one side of the L shape is used for housing the vehicles

▼从内部广场看项目外观局部,立面虚实结合,partial exterior view of expansion from the inner plaza with the large opening on the facade


Conversely to the regular plan, the roofs with several pending elements stand out and give dynamics to the modest dimension that faces the adjoining public roads.

▼项目外观局部,屋顶在立面上呈现出折线形状,partial exterior view of the expansion, the roofs with several pending elements stand out

▼项目外观局部,partial exterior view of the expansion

▼项目的小中庭空间,the small patio space of the expansion


The central piece that tops up the whole range, is the training tower, which because of its height is still a prominent feature in the urban part of the village.

▼高度突出的训练塔外观,exterior view of the high training tower

▼训练塔外观,下层空间不设围合的墙体,the exterior view of the training tower with the lower part having no enclosures

▼训练塔半室外楼梯细节,details of the semi-outdoor stairs of the training tower

▼训练塔内部楼梯,the stairs inside the training tower


A corrugated sheet was used as the wall coating. It covers all surfaces, cross-sections and roofs, and perforated sheet covers the openings. In a future renovation, the use of the same layer will allow an adjustment of the openings and create a sense of unity and consistency between the two frames.

▼项目外观局部,使用波纹板作为墙体的饰面,partial exterior view of the expansion with corrugated sheets as the wall coating


The metallic structure that follows a serial metric based on the proportions of the outlines, allows the maximum use of materials.

▼结构体系轴测图,the axon of the structure


The strictness demanded by utmost functionality, resulted in an economic and simple constructive solution.

▼项目室内空间局部,partial view of the interior space

▼室内空间细节1,space details 1

▼室内空间细节2,space details 2

▼室内空间局部(左),室内楼梯(右),partial view of the interior space (left), the interior stairs (right)

▼项目夜景,night view of the expansion

▼建筑模型,physical model

▼平面图,floor plan


Project: January 2015
Construction: December 2018
Client: Ansião Fire-Fighter’s
Localization: Av. Dr. Vítor Faveiro 16, 3240-153 Ansião
Area: 1200m²
1st stage – Previous Study: Bruno Dias, Luís Ventura, Jorge Pimenta
2nd stage – Architecture: Bruno Dias, Luís Ventura
3rd stage – Execution: Bruno Dias, Luís Ventura
Enginneering: Humberto Lopes – HML, FAMETAL
Carpentry: MCJ Duarte
Construction: Arlindo Lopes Dias
Loocksmith: Systalprof
Photography: Hugo Santos Silva

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