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gooood为你奉上“每个人everyone”专辑。这是第三期:每个人 × 北京的外送小哥们。看看他们对城市的看法。

Most of people lives in cities, experiencing architecture spaces everyday. Design is closely related to everyone, and listening to people from other industries also enables us to expand our understanding about design, architecture, urban environment and the whole world.

The third episode of our Everyone album is about a review of Couriers in Beijing.


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The interview shows that the Forbidden City and the Old Town impressed the couriers most among the traditional architecture, while the CCTV Headquarters, National Stadium and Sanlitun SOHO are the most expressive modern architectures. It also reflect the fact that a certain number of architectures that with decent facades do not have an equally good quality interior space. 7 out of 9 interviewee prefer the evening of Beijing, which means there is a huge potential to develop a nightlife culture here, especially by improving the lighting design. The coexisting yet various elements such as parks, quadrangle dwellings, headquarters and mansions are very popular as well. Metropolitan is a tremendous and complicated object and we hope this segmented interview can present some inconspicuous yet important facts within this complexity objectively.



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