EV house, Viseu by ARTSPAZIOS

the house undulating like mountains

Project Specs


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▼空间展示,display of the project © 2 PLAY+

“坡地向着西侧不断下沉,地平线的起伏清晰地勾勒出Serra da Estrela和Caramulo山脉的轮廓”,这便是EV之家呈现在眼前的风景。单独的体量层层叠叠,形成整体,室内外空间突破界限,相互渗透。

“A downward topography gesture facing west, contemplating the valley underlined on the horizon by the Serra da Estrela and Caramulo mountain.” That’s the scenario in which this project emerges, in a sequence of overlaid volumes insuperable in its monolithic character, but still permeable within, defining exterior spaces intrinsic to the indoor space.

▼项目概览,overview of the project © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG

▼屋顶视图,view of the roof top © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG


The concept guideline revolves around this frame whose geometry was homogenized in a single mass only to be opened in a thin vertical gap, highlighting the entrance.

▼建筑形体,the volume © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG

▼入口空间和屋顶露台,the entrance and the roof terrace © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG


This verticality is also found in the living room unfolding into an uninterrupted indoor height though the floors. This allows for the living room to be contemplated from the study and guest room both upstairs. Around the pre-existence of concrete sheets, which create covered living areas around vegetative patios, providing different moments of living and dining areas to the east.

▼半室外起居空间,semi-outdoor living space © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG

▼绿化庭院,vegetative patios © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG


This main structure is also embraced by another volume containing the juxtaposed main suite. The front of the main suite extends into a western living space, permeable by the vegetative patios, ending in an area to relax in bed and to be around a fire. The latter is crowned by a longitudinal concrete platform whose pool and water mirror shelter the garage at the lower level.

▼混凝土平台,the longitudinal concrete platform © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG

▼暖炉空间,fire place crowned by a longitudinal concrete platform © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG

▼主卧,the main suite © FERNANDO GUERRA | FG+SG

▼首层平面,the first floor © ARTSPAZIOS

▼二层平面,the second floor © ARTSPAZIOS

▼三层平面,the third floor © ARTSPAZIOS

▼立面图,elevation © ARTSPAZIOS

▼剖面图,section © ARTSPAZIOS

Project Name: EV house
Office: ARTSPAZIOS group
Website: www.artspazios.com
Contact email: geral@artspazios.com
Office Location: Rua Campo de Viriato, n94, 3510-122 Viseu – Portugal
Year of completion of the project: 2020
Gross built area: 687.85m2
Project location: Repeses, Viseu – Portugal
Lead Architect: Liliana Costa + André Oliveira
Lead architect contact email: artspaziosgroup@artspazios.com
Collaborators: Fernando Melo, Mariana Costa, Jonathan Martins, Marta Oliveira, Fábio Santos, João Martins, Maurício Dias, Michael Oliveira, Jorge Soares, Álvaro Oliveira, Manuel Gomes, Miguel Correia, David Loureiro, Alfredo Genésio, Paulo Pina, José Almeida, Márlon soares, João Loureiro, José Loureiro, Nuno Pereiro, Júlio Pereira.
Photo credits: FERNANDO GUERRA | FG + SG
Photographer’s website: http://www.ultimasreportagens.com/
Photographer profile on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fernandogguerra/

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