Banquín by Mecanismo

A real urban common space.

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Concentrico06 International Festival of Architecture and Design is a call to reflect on the urban environment and the city. On this basis, we decided to analyse the existing urban elements and identify those with great potectial not yet exploited. This is how we choose the bench as the element to work with.

▼社区前的长椅,bench in front of the community © Mecanismo


Our approach focused on making the bench be more than a mere piece of urban furniture that responds only to the need for rest of the passerby. Due to its design, shape and scale, the bench tends to be used just by one person, changing its purpose and transforming it from a public to a private element. Our intention was to turn the bench into a real urban space, a meeting point inside the city.

▼广场中的长椅,bench in the square © Mecanismo

▼孩子们在上面骑滑板车,children riding scooters on it © Mecanismo


To enable this change, we modified the size of the conventional urban piece, expanding it to an urban scale, turning it into a striking element that works as a space. Also, we dynamized this static element allowing it to move so that the user could interact with it.

▼疫情期间人们的使用情境,scene during the Covid-19 pandemic © Mecanismo

▼孩子们在上面玩耍,children playing on it © Mecanismo


banquín arises with the aim of improving the existing, inviting us to rethink life in the city, its spaces and the different elements shaping it. A large rocking bench, a dynamic and adaptable space that gives rise to different situations between the users thanks to its scale and movement being a hotspot of activity and social relations.

▼长椅塑造灵活多变的城市空间,the bench creating flexible urban space © Mecanismo

▼细节,details © Mecanismo

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