Eucaliptus School by Gabriel Verd Arquitectos

A peaceful cloister as an interior landscape of this school

Project Specs


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The new Eucaliptus school had to occupy a plot in the urban limit of Olivares, behind the old high school and just where the fields begin. In 2013, during the competition, the construction of this new school was urgent due to the increase in population and the poor conditions of the near existing schools. The proposal submitted to the competition considered the precariousness economic situation of those years, considering a building in which it was not necessary to dismantle the high voltage electrical installation that cross the plot (due to the high cost) and build compact volumen with the minimum of occupation. Finally, the construction began 5 years later and the original construction in two phases (1st phase: children and 2nd phase: primary) was overcome and finally the work was completed in its entirety.

▼学校入口广场,the entrance plaza of the school


▼学校的主入口广场上设置了四个颜色各异的伞状构筑物,the entrance plaza with four umbrellas in the different colors

▼从学校主入口广场看学校建筑,幼儿园和小学采用相同的建筑形式,viewing the school from the entrance plaza, the primary and infant schools have same forms and claddings

▼从主入口广场看周边环境,viewing the surroundings from the entrance plaza

It took into account the topographic conditions of the plot, a drop of 4 meters and the precariousness of the retaining walls of nearby houses suppose that of all the available plot only the construction could be considered in part of it. A consistent response was given to the unevenness of the plot allowing the spaces obtained to be useful to the needs raised. Courtyards with a flat slope to playgrounds, to separate the primary and infant areas, etc. With this proposed solution the two primary and infant education levels were defined and separated. The project poses clear and differentiated access for students and vehicles. The main access to the building, located in the middle of nowhere, is done under three umbrellas, which serve as a reference to the place and where children and parents can meet before entering the school.

▼主入口广场上的伞状构筑物细节,details of the umbrellas on the entrance plaza


The main protagonist of the new school is the porticoed central atrium on which the entire building revolves. A controlled space for playground and with hardly any references from the inhospitable exterior. The architectural solution isn´t pretentious and complicated, but it does try to give an image of individualized architecture, which reflects its institutional character. It seeks a comfortable, cheerful and clean environment, which contributes, not only to facilitate teaching activity, but also to develop in the students habits of collaboration and good relationship in the school environment.

▼带门廊的中央中庭空间,the porticoed central atrium

▼带门廊的中央中庭空间局部,由建筑体量围合而成,为孩子们提供了一个安全的室外游戏区,the porticoed central atrium enclosed by architectural volumes, providing a controlled space for playground

▼中庭空间,the central atrium

▼从中庭看小学教室,viewing the primary school from the central atrium

▼小学教室外立面,the exterior view of the primary school

▼小学教室外的门廊,the portico besides the primary school


Inside the building the corridors separate and connect directly and clearly the different functional areas.

▼建筑室内空间,通过控制门体的开合来进行空间布局,interior view, organizing the space by opening or closing the doors

▼室内走廊,the interior corridor

▼室内空间局部,the interior view

▼实体模型,physical model

▼总平面图及及分析图,site plan and diagrams

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan


General Information
Name: Colegio Eucaliptus de Infantil y Primaria
studio: Gabriel Verd Arquitectos
Country: SPAIN
Building: august 2019
Surface: 3.161 sqm
Address: Parcela SGEQ-2 del Sector Residencial Uz-3, Olivares, Seville (Spain)
Photographer: Juanca Lagares

Architec in charge: Gabriel Verd Arquitectos
Client: Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Andalucía / Infraestructuras y Servicios Educativos (ISE), Sevilla Activa (Diputación de Sevilla)
Collaborators: (MEP engineering) Pablo Portillo Delgado; (structure engineering) Elías Pérez Lema, (Building engineering) Eduardo Vázquez López, Santina Tegas (architec), (technical supervision) Miguel Ángel Gómez Casero and Berbabé Domínguez González, Architect on site: Manuel Rodríguez, (with technical supervisión of Luis Bermejo Pareja)

Competition: november 2013
Project: january 2015
Construction: july 2019
Builder: Construcciones Manuel Zambrano
Budget: 3.343.812 €

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