Escher x nendo “Between Two Worlds”

nendo was invited to collaborate and respond to Escher’s prints to create new work and exhibition design in the NGV (images updated)

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“Escher x nendo | Between Two Worlds”是nendo受维多利亚美术馆(NGV)之邀为荷兰艺术家M.C.埃舍尔打造的展览,将于2018年12月2日正式向公众开放。维多利亚美术馆是澳大利亚历史最悠久、访问量最大的博物馆。此次展览将展示埃舍尔的150多件作品。

The exhibition “Escher x nendo | Between Two Worlds” will open to the public on December 2nd at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne, Australia’s oldest and most visited museum. The exhibition will show over 150 works by renowned Dutch artist MC. Escher, famous for his optical illusions and impossible realities. Commissioned by the NGV, nendo was invited to collaborate and respond to Escher’s prints to create new work and exhibition design.


Inspired by Escher’s process and themes, the exhibition spans across nine areas, each displays Escher’s artworks alongside nendo spatial installations. Birds, fish, insects, and other icons that frequently appear in Escher’s prints have inspired the exhibition motif – the simple shape of a house, that will accompany the visitors, shifting scales and materials and creating an exhibition experience that transcends traditional gallery displays.

此次展览还将呈现一个从展览本身衍生而来的“House for Escher”作品系列:11个由黑白色金属“小屋”构成的艺术作品——它们原本是在设计阶段用于研究和试验的纸质模型。House for Escher代表了nendo对埃舍尔的艺术作品的一种回应,同时也是在向这次值得纪念的合作致以敬意。

The research and design process around the exhibition has brought about the creation of a new object collection that will be displayed in the show. What started as paper mockups and tests has evolved into 11 three-dimensional objects made from black and white painted metal. House for Escher is a collection commemorates nendo’s response to Escher’s art and is a tribute to a memorable collaboration.


Escher x nendo | Between Two Worlds
Date : 02 December, 2018 – 07 April, 2019
Venue : National Gallery of Victoria (180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Australia)
Official website:

Photos : Takumi Ota / Akihiro Yoshida

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