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The Encore Dunhuang Theatre is located in the suburbs of Dunhuang, Gansu. With a construction area of 65,000m2 and a gross floor area of 19,900m2, it is a theatre dedicated to the theme of drama. The architect had to give more consideration to the connotation and denotation of the building, keeping the theme expressed by the theatre consistent to the drama, the environment and the history. Only in this way can the architect create a piece of unique and relevant work.

▼项目外观,external view of the building ©舒赫


Encore Dunhuang is fully in azure blue. Situated in the endless Gobi, it is just like a water drop in the desert. With such an absolutely precious meaning, it is a metaphor which manifests the significance of Dunhuang to the world civilization. The building will eventually develop into part of the site naturally, forming a meaningful dialogue between the local nature and context. A sharp contrast formed between the building and the site can give the audience a feeling of time standing still. Such an experience surpasses the past and the future, initiating a space-time resonance of nature, building and man.

▼蓝色的建筑成为场地的一部分,又与场地形成强烈对比,the blue building developed into part of the site while forming a contrasting feeling ©舒赫


The project site is restricted by the regional height of the Mogao Caves Scenic Spot, adjacent to a large sunken square in the south. Based on the special site conditions, the architectural image is designed to gradually rise from the ground at the main entrance, in the north. The functional spaces of the building change in their heights, per the site, and then gradually settle into the ground, which properly solves the conflict between height control and volume demand. Furthermore, the building’s boundary utilizes glass to blur the boundary and create a mirage affect. In this way, the huge building volume is hidden in the vast Gobi Desert. However, the reciprocating zigzag sunken ramp at the entrance can make the audience slowly calm down as they enter the theatre, thus gradually becoming immersed in the plot.

▼建筑鸟瞰,由北部广场逐渐升起,aerial view fo the building, gradually rising from the ground at the main entrance ©舒赫

▼玻璃模糊建筑边界,消隐于自然之中,glass blurred the boundary between architecture and nature ©易都

▼入口处的之字坡道,让观众的心情随之沉静,zigzag sunken ramp at the entrance, making the audience slowly calm down ©舒赫


▼建筑外墙采用四种蓝色的玻璃马赛克,令人联想到敦煌石窟艺术,outer walls made of glass mosaics in four blue colors, remind the audience of the Dunhuang grottoes art ©舒赫

Roofs and outer walls of the building are arranged based on regular geometric patterns, made of glass mosaics in four blue colors. The overlapping glass vertical plates on the roofs are controlled by the 3M construction module. Curves, in a mountain-wave shape, are applied at the top. All nodes are hidden beneath the mosaic roofs. The blue and green colors correspond to the azurite blue and malachite green mineral pigments that are widely used in the frescos and sculptures of the Mogao Caves, which remind the audience of its association with the Dunhuang grottoes art. The green color, from layers of glass, and the blue color, from mosaic on the sloped roofs, are integrated into a wonderful, floating sight. It brings a dialogue between the building and the vast world, then further strikes a chord of time and space, thus giving the audience and visitors an inspired power.

▼剧院内部,interior of the theater ©舒赫

▼夜景,湛蓝的建筑如同沙漠中的水滴,night view, the building in azure blue was like a drop of water in the desert ©舒赫

▼立面马赛克布置图,arrangement plan of mosaics on the facades

arrangement plan of mosaics on the roof

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼1.5层平面图,1.5 floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan



建筑事务所: 北京市建筑设计研究有限公司朱小地工作室

主创建筑师: 朱小地
项目详细地址: 甘肃省敦煌市又见敦煌剧场|
建筑面积(平方米):  19900

 摄影师: 舒赫;易都

Project name: Encore Dunhuang Theater
Architect’Firm: BIAD –  ZXD ARCHITECTS
Contact e-mail:majiayu1990@hotmail.com

Lead Architects: Xiaodi ZHU
Design Team: Weiwei Hui, Qi Jia, Yuwei Fang, Gukai Huang
Project location: Encore Dunhuang Theater, Dunhuang City, Gansu Province
Completion Year: Oct 2016
Gross Built Area (square meters):  19900

Photo credits:He SHU; Du YI
Other participants:
Client: Gansu Sikuwenhua Tourism Investment co. ,Ltd
Structure specialty: BIAD Architectural Design Division No.7
Construction company: Gansu No.2 Construction Engineering Group Co.,Ltd
Professional Equipment: BIAD Architectural Design Division No.7
Stage Design: Zhejiang Joinus Cultural Technology Co., Ltd




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