El Palmar summer house by David Cervera

A summer house built within a grove of palms

Project Specs


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位于墨西哥尤卡坦半岛的El Palmar住宅由当地建筑师David Cervera设计,这座形态简洁的避暑小屋身处Chuburná岛上的一片棕榈林之中——该岛是梅里达北部的一座狭长的堰洲岛。小屋覆盖以纯天然的树脂饰面,阴凉处的吊床为人们提供了休息的空间。

A natural finish made from tree sap covers this compact summer house on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, which has plenty of hammocks for relaxing in the shade. Designed by local architect David Cervera, El Palmar is sits within a grove of palms in Chuburná – a narrow barrier island north of Mérida.

▼住宅外观,an external view of El Palmar


The home measures just 90 square metres, with enough space for a bedroom, bathroom, living and kitchen area. “It is a simple scheme of three spaces looking to a semi-open terrace to the north,” said the architect.

▼简洁的体量朝向一个半开放的露台,a simple structure looking to a semi-open terrace

▼三个空间的组合,the scheme of three spaces


Its plan is divided into almost equal sections, which each face the back yard. The first has no end walls so is exposed to the outside, with a hammock strung across the gap overlooking the garden. The second, containing the living areas, has full-height glass doors that fold open for access to a terrace that extends from inside. Another hammock stretches in front of the opening. Finally, the bedroom has tall windows that provide views of a long swimming pool, which runs parallel to the terrace but reaches much further into the palm landscape.

▼第一个空间暴露在室外,the first section is exposed to the outside

▼客厅所在的第二个空间,the second section containing the living areas

▼卧室所在的第三个空间,the third section containing the bedroom

▼游泳池延伸至棕榈林中,the swimming pool reaches into the palm landscape

▼夜间, night views


The building is clad and lined in a local material called chukum, a waterproof coating made from tree sap. This complements polished concrete floors, which are inlaid with mosaics. Selected surfaces both inside and out are tinted a dusty pink, while others are covered with contrasting turquoise tiles.

▼粉色墙壁与蓝绿色瓷砖形成对比,the pink surfaces and contrasting turquoise tiles

▼设计概念,design concept

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