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Eklavya是一个致力于改革中央邦(Madhya Pradesh)和其他地州教育系统的非盈利、非政府组织。环境要素既是本次项目的设计核心,也是Eklavya寻找建筑师的重要参考指标。拟建的园区将容纳办公空间、工作区域、住宅空间以及用于存放其出版物和纸张的储存单元。

Eklavya is a non-profit, non-government organisation working toward revolutionizing education system in Madhya Pradesh and other states. Environment was core to their design brief when they started looking for an architect. The proposed campus was to house office space, workshop area, residential space and a storage unit for their publications and paper.

▼项目概览,overview © Pratik Chandresha


The campus was to have an inductive environment for collaborative works between different departments. Strategies of closing the loops of energy, water, material and food were pivotal in the design. Building was to demonstrate a unique approach to the built environment.

▼项目及周边环境概览,project and the surroundings © Pratik Chandresha

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © Pratik Chandresha


Passive techniques were integrated from the planning stages to achieve comfort in the building. Composite climate of Bhopal needed strategy for reducing the heat gain during summer and maximize heat gain in winter. East west orientation reduced radiation gain. Storage unit is placed on western side to protect working areas. Deep balconies shade large openings bringing in daylight in working areas. Western façade with discarded railway windows reduces heat gain in godown protecting the stored books and paper from temperature fluctuation. Heat gain from the roof was reduced by designing green roof growing food, white roof, solar panels covering rooftop and deck insulation.

▼街道视角,street view © Pratik Chandresha

▼园区入口,entrance of the campus © Pratik Chandresha

▼宽阔的庭院,the wide courtyard © Pratik Chandresha

▼幽深的阳台能减少室内的阳光直射,deep balconies can reduce indoor sunshine point-blank © Pratik Chandresha


Materials for construction were carefully chosen based on their proximity to the site and through life cycle analysis. Composite stabilized fly ash earth bricks made from the soil available in the vicinity were used for walls. As these bricks are stabilized, compressed and cured there is no pollution during their manufacturing. The minimum water absorption by these bricks allowed for the walls to be left exposed without plaster reducing the cement consumption. Additionally, exposed concrete work was done for all reinforced concrete elements. IPS (Indian Patent Stone) was be used to reduce material consumption and wastage. Curtain wall made of scrap railway windows are used on western façade to regulate the temperature within the godown.

▼采用废旧铁路窗制成幕墙的西立面,可有效调节仓库内部的温度,curtain wall made of scrap railway windows are used on western façade to regulate the temperature within the godown © Pratik Chandresha

▼立面细部,facade details © Pratik Chandresha

▼大楼入口,main entrance of the building © Pratik Chandresha


Partitions wall in the office areas are made out of the discarded paper rolls which were available in plenty since Eklavya purchases paper and stores for its publications.All water falling on rooftop of this building and site is harvested in 100,000 litre underground tank and excess water is recharged in the ground by means of four recharge wells on site. This water will be used for all domestic needs after filtration. The effluent water is treated treatment system before it is again used for flushing and gardening thereby creating a closed loop and not letting out any water out of the site. Landscape in and around the building is an edible one with organic farms on roof and fruit bearing trees on the ground. An attempt is made toward becoming self-sufficient in terms of daily consumption of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Ficus, flowering trees and plants are planted to attract the birds and bees incorporating the biodiversity in the design.

▼有着大型开口的通风阳台,airy balconies with large openings © Pratik Chandresha

▼图书室,library © Pratik Chandresha

▼工作空间,workshop area © Pratik Chandresha

▼各层平面,plan of each floor © Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

▼立面&剖面,elevations and sections © Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Project Name: Eklavya Foundation
Architecture Firm: Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 35,000 sq.ft
Project location: Bhopal, India
Lead Architects: Chitra Vishwanath, Anurag Tamhankar
Photo credits: Pratik Chandresha
Design Team: Chitra Vishwanath, Anurag Tamhankar, Ramya MA
Clients: Eklavya Foundation
Engineering: MESHA Consultants 

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