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A poetic space derived from the garden spirit of Shanghai.

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Eight tenths Garden is an art museum dedicated to arts and crafts, which can also be used as a venue for the conference in the idle hours. It has a coffee shop, a library, offices, bed and breakfasts, as well as a restaurant, study rooms and chess rooms. It is a micro cultural complex in all. Eight tenths garden was originally a sales center. The sales center was one of the two-story buildings on the street’s triangular corner, with a four-story circular hall embedded on the top of it. The entrance is located on the garth of the triangle. The other two sides of the building were the neighborhood committee and shops along the street.

▼ 八分园位于上海市,是一个高品质的展览空间,the garden is a high-end exhibition space located in Shanghai

005-Eight Tenths Garden


Mr. Client was a Shanghai famous enamel factory’s last manager. Enamel was once the most important daily necessities dominated China, but now almost unstable. Over the years he has collected a mass of enamels, the quality and quantity of these enamels can become the eye of this micro cultural complex. With the construction of the Eight tenths garden. Mr. Client’s son comes back from Milan, founded a fashionable enamel brand and settled in the Eight tenths garden. This is a rebirth of old technology and family traditions. Because the garden covers an area of ​​less than about four hundred square meters, just eighty percent of the whole area. The Chinese name “Bafen” derived from this, which could also remind people to live a life medium well but not too full. That’s why the garden called ’ Eight tenths Garden’.

▼ 八分园位于上海一个复杂地块,the garden is located in a complex environment

001-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 八分园占地一亩不到,约四百多平米,garden covers an area of ​​less than about four hundred square meters

002-Eight Tenths Garden


We hope the building could reveal the spirit of Shanghai. The spirit of Shanghai is life based, which is a richness not only pleasant but also restrained. Thus, the space of this 2000 square meters’ building should be abundant in variation but also has a connection with each other. We do not want the obsessive minimalism, nor do we want an exaggerated scene which lacks of connections. 

▼ 基于上海的环境衍生出的建筑,有着高品质的庭院和环境,the building is extended from the spirit of Shanghai with high quality internal environment

006-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 内院的概念草图,sketch of the inner court

025-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 内庭中建筑景观和谐的关系,the architecture is in harmony with the landscape

010-Eight Tenths Garden-Court     009-Eight Tenths Garden-Court


Our designed part is adhering to the neighborhood committee and the street shops. Inside the courtyard, we have two back walls in addition to the garden hall, which hangs plenty of air conditioning and a variety of pipes. We used a curtain as a fencing wall to insulate this cluttered environment from the Eight tenths Garden. 

▼ 内院中的帷幕将庭院与周边的环境剥离开,塑造了高品质的庭院空间,a curtain as a fencing wall to insulate this cluttered environment from the Eight tenths Garden, creating a high quality inner garden space

009-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 高品质的一层庭院,high-end inner court

010-Eight Tenths Garden     011-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 庭院尽头的跌水,为安静的气氛增加一层厚度,the water fall brought a vivid atmosphere into the court, creating another layer for the space

016-Eight Tenths Garden-Court

015-Eight Tenths Garden-Court

030-Eight Tenths Garden-Fence

▼ 经由步道通向主体建筑,the pathway heading to the main building

019-Eight Tenths Garden-Court     017-Eight Tenths Garden-Court

007-Eight Tenths Garden-Appearance


We used antithesis to unfold the space. The garden in the outside represents complexity, inside building, in the other hand, shows simplicity. But these simplicities are somewhat different. The art museum should be contracted and powerful, but the study room and the restaurant next to it should be warm and soft. The joint offices on the third floor would be close to rough, and the bed and breakfast on the fourth floor goes back to a restraint of elegance. People could easily read a spirituality from it. On the top of the roof, we pay tribute to the ancient literati garden by placing a vegetation garden. The bed and breakfasts on the fourth floor is hidden surprise of the whole Eight tenths Garden. Each BNB has a courtyard in the air. There settles a “four water belongs to the hall” patio in the public area. The courtyards are contemporary Chinese courtyards, originated and refined from the painting of Chou Ying, which is a practice of the vertical city, trying to build a real villa in the air. 

▼ 进入建筑,一二层通高的展览空间,the exhibition space on the first and second floor

046-Eight Tenths Garden-Exhibition

▼ 展览空间的灯光效果,the exhibition hall in the artificial light environment

047-Eight Tenths Garden-Exhibition     045-Eight Tenths Garden-Exhibition

048-Eight Tenths Garden-Exhibition

▼ 一层建筑背侧的月门,展厅内外空间的另一处边界,the moon-door splitting the back outside space and exhibition hall on the first floor

044-Eight Tenths Garden-1F

▼ 一楼的活动空间,the space for holding activities on the first floor

043-Eight Tenths Garden-1F

042-Eight Tenths Garden-1F

▼ 一层休息区内外空间的边界,the boundary between the internal and external resting space on the first floor

041-Eight Tenths Garden-1F

▼ 拾级而上,经过一段精心布置的光影,会到达四层的民宿空间,go to the upper floors through a shaded stairwells

062-Eight Tenths Garden-Stairs     063-Eight Tenths Garden-Stairs     064-Eight Tenths Garden-Stairs

066-Eight Tenths Garden-Stairs     065-Eight Tenths Garden-Stairs     067-Eight Tenths Garden-Stairs

▼ 四层平面,民宿中的起居和庭院空间,forth floor plan with the contemporary Chinese garden in it

022-Eight Tenths Garden-1

▼ 民宿中的起居室,the living room of the breakfast and bed on the forth floor

051-Eight Tenths Garden-Living Room

050-Eight Tenths Garden-Living Room

▼ 位于四层的几处中式空中庭院,the contemporary Chinese courtyards located on the forth floor

060-Eight Tenths Garden-4F Garden

056-Eight Tenths Garden-4F Garden

▼ 民宿中的院子为居室带入一抹自然的颜色,the courtyards bring a threads of nature

055-Eight Tenths Garden-4F Garden     054-Eight Tenths Garden-4F Garden     053-Eight Tenths Garden-4F Garden

▼ 由起居室进入天井,the access to the courtyard

052-Eight Tenths Garden-Living Room

▼ 空中庭院里四水归堂的天井,公共区域共享的空间,squarely designed courtyard on the forth floor shared by all the residences

012-Eight Tenths Garden

▼工艺细节,detail of the construction

075-Eight Tenths Garden-Detail

074-Eight Tenths Garden-Detail

▼天井的鸟瞰,bird look of the courtyard

018-Eight Tenths Garden

003-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 由天井一侧的楼梯,可以登上主体建筑的屋顶花园,欣赏上海的一处天际线,through another stairwell beside the courtyard, the residence could get access to the view of the roof garden

069-Eight Tenths Garden-Roof

在围墙上设计师先后尝试了波形阳光板,离瓦,穿孔铝板(花纹是像素化的千里江山图),铝格栅加垂直绿化,设计师拒绝了爬藤绿化墙。围墙的样式不重要但必须有而且不能完全封死,必须是黑色。这样的围墙把周边环境疏离在八分园之外并成为八分园的对比,使得八分园成为贴着旧物而新生的场所。设计师回答是的。镀锌框架也是旧物的一部分,而黑色格栅则是新物,至于什么花纹都是可以的,但花纹的最后尺寸决定审美的细致则不可放松。至于黑色才能有力把围墙和旧物切开并谦虚地成为背景是中央那个华丽圆形帷幕的下句。建筑师们用穿孔铝板以折扇的方式在立面上形成面纱。 这面纱不是气候边界,它背后有玻璃幕墙,有院子也有阳台。建筑师们在立面和气候边界之间创造了一个模糊地带。

For the fencing wall, we tried corrugated board, glazed tile, perforated aluminum (pattern is the pixel style of the “thousands of miles mountains and rivers”), aluminum grille with vertical green. We refused to use the vine green wall, cause the style of the wall is not important but must be black and must not be completely sealed. Only this kind of fencing wall could give a contrast from the surroundings to the Eight tenths Garden, making it a rebirth place raised from the old place. The galvanized frame is also part of the old thing, while the black grille is new. The pattern is not important, but the final size of the pattern should be study case it determines the aesthetic details. Only black can split the fencing walls and old things and become the background of the central gorgeous round curtain modestly. We use perforated aluminum plates in the folding fan style to create a veil on the facade. This veil is not the climate border, it has a glass curtain wall, a yard as well as a balcony behind. We created a blur between the facade and the climate border. 

▼ 折扇式穿孔铝板组成的立面,the facade is composed with folding fan styled aluminum plates

004-Eight Tenths Garden

007-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 穿孔铝板的细部,the detail of the aluminum plates

026-Eight Tenths Garden-Detail

▼ 与传统庭院相呼应的立面,there is an impact contrast between the facade and the traditional garden

008-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 从内部看到的立面光影效果,the light generated by the facade

015-Eight Tenths Garden

071-Eight Tenths Garden-Light     072-Eight Tenths Garden-Light


We hope to build a garden which pays tribute to the Shanghai street park in its 70s, as well as to the local garden history. Let the garden and the building fuse together into one. The entirety of building and garden is architecture. We designed the bamboo entrance in the front yard, makes the Eight tenths Garden independent. But the Eight tenths garden is not a private garden, it is freely open to the surrounding residents, which makes the garden approved by the surrounding residents. They cherish the garden, feeling satisfied to walk quietly in the garden a few steps to meet. We are rebuilding the space in a complex neighborhood, this is the only time which won the neighborhood a letter of praise of the project. This is why we put the front yard design into the urban micro-space revival plan. The street was once a simple aisle, the original landscape was worn-out, but our front yard changed the corner, making it lively again. The sociological meaning of architecture is revealed.

▼ 前院竹林处的幽深入口,以及位于建筑背面的汀步,bamboo entrance is designed in the front yard, and the stepping stones at the back of the building

039-Eight Tenths Garden-Entrance     040-Eight Tenths Garden-Entrance

▼ 总平面图,前院竹林处的幽深入口,master plan, bamboo entrance is designed in the front yard


▼ 二层平面,second floor plan

020-Eight Tenths Garden-1

▼ 三层平面,third floor plan

021-Eight Tenths Garden-1

▼ 屋顶平面,roof plan

023-Eight Tenths Garden

▼ 剖面图,sections

024-Eight Tenths Garden-1

设计总负责+建筑设计:Wutopia Lab

室内 & 景观设计顾问:俞挺

Design corporations:
Design Firm: Wutopia Lab
LDI: Shanghai DuJuan Engineering Design and Consultants Limited
Interior Design: ShangRuiYuan Building Design Consultants Limited
Landscape design: Atelier VISION

Main Designers:
Chief Architect: Yu Ting​
Project Architect: Ge Jun
Design Team: Dai Xinyang
Construction drawings: Zhou Yi Lian, Chen Guohua, Yang Xueting, Ma Xinyu
Interior: Fan Riqiao, Zhang Zhe
Landscape: Guo Wen, Ni Zhicha, Baoyu
Interior & Landscape Design Consultant: Yu Ting
Client: Shi Huijuan
Location: Shanghai, China
Project Year: 2016
Area: 2000 square meters
Building materials: steel, concrete, aluminum, glass
Photographer: CreatAR

More:俞挺 / Wutopia lab,更多关于他们:Wutopia lab on gooood

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