EATTAE Portable Tableware by Rong Design

Don’t waste too much time on your heavy tablewares

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EATTAE is an innovative product series of portable tableware. The design is based on the rotation mechanism needed to open the products, which is also the origin of the Eattae name.



设计的目的是希望提高便携式餐具的使用便捷度,同时创造有趣而新鲜的使用体验,从而更好的提倡使用自带餐具的饮食习惯,降低废弃。 整体设计以现代极简的风格呈现,选择通过机理与细节的表达突出产品的设计感和趣味性,在外形上,每一个产品被提炼成了几何图形,让产品的形象变得有趣且与众不同。每一套产品都被安放在内盒里面,只需旋转上下盒,即可打开取得餐具,而合起来则变成完整的盒子,整个使用方式简单而便捷,同时极简的视觉风格和创新的形式带来了新鲜趣味的使用体验。

The purpose of the design is to improve the use of portable tableware while creating a fun experience and increase the use of self-packed lunches to reduce waste. The overall design is modern and minimalistic, highlighting the purpose of the product. With the help of texture and details, each product is translated into geometric figures, making the image of the product interesting and unique. Each of the products are placed inside paired small boxes that just need a twist of the upper and lower parts to be open. Theses two together become a complete box. The use is simple and convenient, and the minimalist visual style and innovative design bring a fresh and interesting experience.













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