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Introducing a new, high-quality way of working and living

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作为比利时最好的共享办公空间设计品牌,Fosbury&Sons将目光锁向布鲁塞尔市场。继成功完成安特卫普的WATT大厦室内约为5,600平方米的办公空间之后,公司如今于布鲁塞尔开设了第一家服务型共享办公大楼。 Fosbury&Sons将其对塑造新型办公空间的创意和愿景带进布鲁塞尔,倡导全新,高质量的工作生活方式。 这一次Going East的建筑师再次设计出最令人印象深刻的室内作品,而餐饮业的合作伙伴Coffeelabs将负责为办公环境提供新鲜,健康,美味的优质佳肴。传统办公室已被淘汰,而创意共享办公永存。

Fosbury & Sons, aka Belgium’s finest office, has turned its attention to the Brussels market. Following its success in the WATT Tower in Antwerp, where the company has already expanded to a total surface area of 5,600 m2, Fosbury & Sons has now opened its first serviced office in Brussels. Fosbury & Sons is bringing its innovative vision of ‘the office’ to Brussels, introducing a new, high-quality way of working and living. Going East’s architects had delivered again the most impressive interiors, while food partner Coffeelabs will be taking care of fresh, healthy, and delicious dishes. The office is dead, long live the office!

▼共享办公大楼外观,building facade of new office

Fosbury&Sons的第二个共享办公大楼坐落于布鲁塞尔前CBR混凝土公司总部大楼的原址,临近Sonian森林,距离路易斯大道仅10分钟路程。Boitsfort办公楼占地面积7000平方米,在整个9层高的建筑中占据7层,以及地下3层的停车库。 除了私人办公室和开敞办公空间外,整栋大楼还提供多种形式的共享协同办公空间供员工使用。位于建筑一层大堂的酒吧和休息长廊,让人们有自由聚会的空间彼此交流,同时也可以在舒适的环境下高效工作。 Boitsfort办公楼现已入驻250家不同行业的公司,拥有600名员工。

Fosbury & Sons’ second location – the former headquarters of cement company CBR – is located close to the Sonian Forest and only 10 minutes away from Avenue Louise. Fosbury & Sons’ The Office ‘Boitsfort’ occupies 7000 square metres, spread over 7 of the building’s 9 floors, with 3 extra floors below ground level for parking. In addition to the ‘Suites’ (private office spaces) and ‘Ateliers’ (shared private office spaces), there are numerous other shared workspaces throughout the building. For example, the lobby with bar on the ground floor is the perfect place to work and meet people in a pleasant and productive environment. F&S Boitsfort has a capacity of 600 people and 250 different companies.

▼室内共享办公区,private shared office space interior

▼首层大堂休闲空间,bar space at ground floor lobby

▼从高处欣赏Sonian森林的优美景致,panoramic view over Sonian Forest

Fosbury&Sons Boitsfort公司还为员工提供雅致宜人的Bar Giorgio酒吧休闲空间,从这里的8楼可欣赏到周边Sonian Forest森林广阔无垠的景致。大厦设有配备技术设备支持的15间顶级会议室,1间大型活动室(休闲室)以及Bar Giorgio酒吧可供员工和外来访客按需租用,也可作为配有大屏幕的会议室,最多可容纳75人。 与安特卫普WATT大厦相似,Fosbury&Sons Boitsfort与布鲁塞尔艺术画廊,Rodolphe Janssen和Veerle Verbakel画廊,艺术家Perry Roberts以及私人艺术支持基金会Pasfoundation保持合作,为艺术策划和艺术品提供丰富的展示空间。

Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort also provides its members with a restaurant and the very pleasant Bar ‘Giorgio’, which offers a panoramic view over the Sonian Forest from the 8th floor. 15 top-notch meeting rooms – equipped with all the necessary technology -, 1 large event room (the lobby) and Bar Giorgio are available for rent to members and non-members. As is the auditorium with a large screen that can accommodate up to 75 people. Similar to Antwerp, a lot of space is made available for art, in collaboration with Brussels art galleries Rodolphe Janssen and Veerle Verbakel Gallery, artists Perry Roberts and the Private Art Support Foundation or simply Pasfoundation.

▼可供布展的室内空间,interior spaces made available for art

▼首层大堂的水晶灯旋转楼梯,interior working space

▼开敞协同办公区,open co-working space

▼私人办公空间,private working space

▼小型会议室,meeting room

▼餐吧空间,bar and restaurant spaces

▼供人们聚会交流的吧台休闲空间,pleasant bar area for sharing and gathering

▼休闲空间温馨精致的室内装饰,delicate interior decoration elements for event room

▼走廊设置共享办公台位,co-working spaces aside office corridor

▼室内设计概念草图,design concept diagram

Project location: Bruxelles
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area : 7000m2
Lead Architects: Anaïs Torfs, Michiel Mertens
Photo credits: Jeroen Verrecht

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