Dunhuang Tourism Distributing Center, China by BIAD-ZXD ARCHITECTS

Diamond in the desert

Project Specs


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The Dunhuang Tourism Distributing Center, located on the south side of Yangguan Avenue, must be passed in order to enter the city of Dunhuang. This project is the “Portal” to Dunhuang tourism.

▼项目概览,view of the project


▼游客集散中心如同绵延起伏的沙丘,the tourism centre looks like sand dunes

It is an artificial building set in the desert, so there should be an inherent correlation between its shape and that of a sand dune. Because of this consideration, the architect designed this project to adopt the same color as a sand dune, and the slope of the roof is also gentle like that of a sand dune. In this way, it can easily attract tourists to come for an experience and leisure.The main building is divided into four individual blocks, according to the functions of comprehensive services, offices, food service and tourism display. They are in contact with each other, in a semi-enclosed community-style layout, and embrace visitors from afar. The earth-yellow stone of the external facade is in concert with the local style. The opening embedded in the heavy stone is carved into a powerful geometric figure by the sun.

▼厚重石材中的开口被阳光雕刻出强有力的几何光影,the opening embedded in the heavy stone is carved into a powerful geometric figure by the sun



In the interior of the building, a grotto-like space is used to enhance an experience similar to that of the Mogao Grottoes. During the scorching summer days, visitors will enter into this mysterious space, formed by high and open ceilings and thick walls, where the sun comes through to create a feeling of being in the grotto. This space metaphor is not only the response to the natural environment, but also the reproduction of the experience given by the Mogao Grottoes, which represents a unique experience for all visitors.

▼建筑内部构成莫高窟的洞窟式空间体验,the interior is a grotto-like space which is used to enhance an experience similar to that of the Mogao Grottoes

▼呈半围合群落式布局的建筑,the main building is in a semi-enclosed community-style layout

▼夜晚建筑如同沙漠中的钻石,the building looks like a diamond in the desert at night

▼场地平面,site plan




项目名称: 敦煌旅游集散中心
建筑事务所: 北京市建筑设计研究有限公司朱小地工作室
主创建筑师: 朱小地
项目详细地址: 甘肃省敦煌市又见敦煌剧场西侧,阳关大道路南
项目完成年份: 2018年10月
建筑面积(平方米): 3735m2
摄影师: 夏至
Project name: Dunhuang Tourism Distributing Center
Architect’ Firm: BIAD – ZXD ARCHITECTS
Lead Architects: Xiaodi Zhu
Design Team: Weiwei Hui, Qi Jia, Yuwei Fang, Gukai Huang
Project location: South of Encore Dunhuang Theater, Dunhuang City, Gansu Province
Completion Year: Oct 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters): 3735m2
Photo credits: Zhi Xia
Client: Dunhuang Tourism Administration
Collaborator: BIAD – NO.7

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