DS Apartment by Carlos Segarra Arquitectos

the apartment thinking about the future

Project Specs


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The beginnings of this project are quite clear, it means taking a step forward and thinking about the future, initially it will be for a single person, with prospects that with the passage of time may increase the number of occupants, as well as the use of the living place.

▼室内一览,interior view


The premise and complexity when we started to distribute the spaces was to fit the program in 56m2, maintaining the sense of spaciousness. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that the most logical option was to let ourselves be guided by the chamfered geometry of the plant and by the structural lines of the building, following this thoughts, the final solution was simple and appropriate way to the building, where everything was going to it ‘s place in a natural way.

▼黑色家具分隔出客厅与餐厅空间,black furniture to differentiate between living room and dinning room

▼餐厅内核桃木家具与白色房间背景相互映衬,the dinning room in the white background in balance with walnut furniture


▼通向卫生间的白色走廊,the white corridor into the bathroom

▼与旧建筑元素相结合的卫生间,the bathroom in balance with some pre-existing elements

Working together with the client, we decided to give a sober and elegant character to the home, we chose to combine the noble finish that gives the walnut, in balance with some pre-existing elements that we decided to rescue and put in the foreground, while everything is related with white color as the dominant background. At the same time we play with the black color in a timely manner, using it in the furniture to differentiate spaces in the diaphanous area of the house.

▼在白色客厅中的优雅黑色沙发,the black elegant sofa in the living room

▼与核桃木橱柜相搭配的黑色灶台,black cooking bench comparing with walnut cabinet 

▼白墙边的核桃木梳妆台,the walnut dressing table beside the white wall

▼轴测解构图,exploded axon

▼ 建筑平面,the plan

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