Doctor Manzana’s second store by Masquespacio

A technical retail shop welcomed by fashionistas and geeks

Project Specs


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Doctor Manzana是一家专于提供手机配件和维修服务的公司,日前,Masquespacio为其设计了位于巴伦西亚大学城的第二家门店。Doctor Manzana和Masquespacio的合作始于2013年夏天,创始人Fran和Reyes委托这家创意公司为他们完成品牌形象以及第一家零售店的设计。作为以手机维修和手机壳等配件销售为主的公司,Doctor Manzana的品牌重塑主要集中在触摸屏的“54度角”这一概念上。这一角度被应用在品牌和室内设计当中,并搭配以四种色彩:代表着“医生”的绿色与蓝色、为“潮人”们准备的三文鱼色,以及为极客们准备的紫色。附加的金属元素则带来工业气息,使人联想起实验室的场景。

Masquespacio just finished the design for Doctor Manzana’s second store, specialized in smartphone repairs and gadgets, located in the University district from Valencia. The history from Doctor Manzana and Masquespacio started during the summer of 2013 when their founders Fran and Reyes commissioned the creative consultancy to redesign their brand and create their first point of sale. Being the brand specialized in reparations of mobile phones and smartphone cases, above other accessories for smartphones, the brand reinvention focused mainly on the 54 degrees angle of touch screens. That angle was applied both to the brand as well as to the interior design, besides four different colors: green and blue as a reference to the doctor, salmon for the fashionistas and purple for the geeks. Metal on the other hand adds an industrial touch that reminds us of the laboratories.

▼室内概览,an overview of the interior

▼室内色彩以蓝色、绿色、三文鱼色和紫色为主,four main colours of interior: green, blue, salmon and purple


For the second store Masquespacio sought to maintain the brands’ identity already marked during the first project, offering a new custom-made design that could be recognized by Doctor Manzana’s actual clients and at the same time propose a completely different design for this new point of sale. Thereby we can still recognize the 54 degrees angles, colors and materials, but giving more importance to the metal finishes. Above, compared with the first store, additional elements have been added to propose a better service related to storage and the change of the kind of products on sale.

▼金属元素在空间中得到了强调,the design gives more importance to the metal finishes

▼更丰富的服务空间,additional service space

Client: Doctor Manzana (
Design: Masquespacio (
Photography: Luis Beltran (
Surface: 54 m2
Paint: Montó
Lighting: Designed by Masquespacio, local pro-duction
Tables, shelves and decoration: Designed by Masquespacio, local production
High stool chairs: Designed by Masquespacio, lo-cal production

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