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To close your eyes and feel the sun in your thoughts

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蒙田大道(Avenue Montaigne)是迪奥(Dior)的原址,在那里,这家时装公司正在庆祝它在2018年初开设的第一家眼镜专卖店。该品牌最新的太阳镜和眼镜系列将首次在本店展出。建筑和设计工作室Labvert被委托设计新店铺,这是它与Dior长期合作的延续。商店设计的中心灵感是太阳。一个金色的太阳安装在向外的窗口中,邀请路人进入明亮的室内,欣赏豪华精品, 明亮的玻璃薄片沿着墙壁创建一个充满光束及其反映的图像。

Avenue Montaigne is the original seat of Dior, and it is there that the fashion company is celebrating the opening of its first glasses boutique in early 2018. The brand’s latest collection of sunglasses and spectacles will be presented here for the first time in its own store. Architecture and design studio Labvert was commissioned to design the new shop, a continuation of its long-standing cooperation with Dior. The central inspiration for the design of the shop was the motif of the sun.
A golden sun installed in the window shines toward the outside, inviting passersby into the bright interior of the posh boutique, where illuminated glass lamellae along the walls create an impression of beams of light and their reflections.

▼外观一览,overview from outside

▼装饰物细部,details of the decoration


中央的圆桌也使用了太阳的主题,同时被用作最新太阳镜的展示区域,安装在其上方的棱镜吊灯照亮这块区域。“闭上眼睛,感受阳光,这就是迪奥时装店的灵感所在。” (Stephan Vary, Labvert)

The round central table also picks up the sun theme while serving as presentation area for the newest sunglass collections, which are lit by chandeliers equipped with optical lenses hanging overhead. “To close your eyes and feel the sun in your thoughts: that was the inspiration for the new Dior boutique.” (Stephan Vary, Labvert)

▼中央圆桌与吊灯的灵感都来自于太阳,the designs of the central table and the chandelier all come from the sun theme

▼中央圆桌细部,the details of the central table as a presentation area


The hand mirrors and stools as well as the carpet are likewise Labvert creations, designed and crafted specifically for the Dior shop. The overall style of the boutique incorporates typical Dior brand codes alongside their modern interpretations. Contrasts of reflecting glass surfaces with open-pored wood and soft fabrics create an inviting and varied atmosphere.

▼木材的软质与玻璃的硬质形成对比,氛围多变;the contrast between the soft wood and the hard mirror surface,creating a varied atmosphere

▼定制的手镜,the customized hand mirror

LABVERT在维也纳是一个设计和建筑工作室。由建筑师和设计师组成的团队,支持Stephan在奢侈品领域进行零售建筑设计、室内设计和品牌设计,并为众多的国家和跨国公司工作。公司将重心放在设计和持续发展排他的、强大的品牌和设计销售和产体验产品的空间。新媒体和通信技术是实现这一目标的关键因素。Labvert服务项目很多,涵盖了从最初的概念设计到最终推出的各个步骤。在与客户的密切合作下,工作室开发并实现了个性化和与众不同的解决方案。多功能组合的实现,包括室内设计和建筑以及珠宝和家具设计, 是空间概念和物件设计之间有趣交融的结果。

LABVERT Architecture & Design
Labvert is a design and architecture studio based in Vienna. The team of architects and designers supporting Stephan Vary specialize in retail architecture, interior design and brand design in the luxury segment, and work for numerous national and international companies. Projects focus on the design and ongoing development of exclusive, strong brand names and the staging of sales and product experiences. New media and communication technologies are key elements for achieving this. Labvert offers a wide range of services covering every project step from initial conceptual design to final roll-out. In close cooperation with its customers, the studio develops and realizes individual and distinctive solutions.
The implementation of a versatile portfolio, including both interior design and architecture as well as jewelry and furniture design, is the result of a playful interchange between spatial conception and object design.

▼家具设计符合品牌风格,贯穿整体设计风格;the furniture design follows the brand code as well as goes along with the spatial conception

顾客:Christian Dior Couture
执行承包商:Elypso SAS
照片版权:Andreas Scheiblecker

Client: Christian Dior Couture

Local Architect: MIL architecture, Paris
Executing contractor: Elypso SAS
Stools: Wittmann

Chandeliers: Prolicht

Address: 28 Avenue Montaigne, Paris
Start of planning: 10/2016
Completion: 01/2018

Opening: 02/2018

Gross floor area: 40 m2
Copyright: Andreas Scheiblecker

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