Diakonie Bethanien Building by E2A

To generate a dynamic facade through the use of the openings

Project Specs


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▼建筑外观,exterior view

The plane-like building volume can be interpreted as a solitary gesture. The orthogonal form of the plane plays off of the typologies present in the surrounding urban fabric, which is characterized by manufacturing plants. The diagonal relationships resulting from this strategy create the basis for the structure of the exterior spaces.

▼四方的体量从以工厂为主的城市肌理中脱颖而出,the orthogonal form of the plane plays off of the typologies present in the surrounding urban fabric


The deaconry consists of a complex set of interrelated functions; this arose out of necessity in the coordination of the intended nursing and assistance programs, particularly in regard to the extensive infrastructure required to create the most possible synergies. As such, the program includes a palliative care facility, daycare, specialized medical facility, classrooms, service areas, and a hotel with a conference room, bar, and restaurant. A complex and efficient infrastructural core services these various functions. Some are finished with self-contained vertical circulation, allowing parallel and simultaneous operations to occur without causing conflicts of interest between these separate functions. The interplay of the programmatic elements results in a ground floor highly connected to the adjacent open space. The functions themselves create a public destination animated by the activity of the site, thus giving the space an urban quality.

▼大楼包含以疗养为主的一系列综合功能,the deaconry consists of a complex set of interrelated functions

▼酒吧、参观等公共场所位于一层,public areas include the bar, bistro and restuarant



▼公共休息区域,seating areas

▼集会场所,meeting area

▼互不干扰的功能空间,other functional spaces





The slight widening of the volume’s cubic form benefits the organization of the floor plans. With a linear core zone and load-bearing exterior walls, a column-free plan was developed and can be arranged in many configurations. In response to the vertical sequence of the functions, a robust structure with a high level of flexibility was created. The façade receives consistent treatment on each side with repetitive patterns of external sliding glass windows. Similarly to the structure of the floors, each of the various programmatic elements will manifest themselves through the use of the openings, generating an intriguing building skin. Individually adjustable sliding shutters on the façade create a playful variability, allowing the grid of the windows to temporarily disappear and hinting at the simultaneous existence of multiple functions.

▼不同空间的窗户可独立开启或关闭,带来微妙的动态趣味,individually adjustable sliding shutters on the façade create a playful variability

▼立面细部,facade detail

▼每个功能空间都拥有开阔的城市视野,each of the internal spaces has a wide view of the city

▼窗景细部,window scenery

▼场地平面图,site plan



Program: High Rise Building with conference center, restaurant, offices, special medical care, day care and hotel
Site: Buckhauserstrasse 34, CH-8048 Zürich
Client: Diakonie Bethanien, Zürich
represented by: Blumergaignat AG, Küsnacht
Architect:E2A Piet Eckert und Wim Eckert Architekten ETH BSA SIA AG, Zürich
Project team:Piet Eckert, Wim Eckert mit Mirko Akermann und Tânia Roque, Moisés García Alvarez, Anna Otz, Tobias Weise, Andrea Brandén, Dustin L. Bush, Behzad Farahmand, Kamil Hajji, Susana Loureiro, Valentino Sandri, Rafal Wójcik, Sven Löfvenberg.
Construction Management: Caretta+Weidmann AG, Zürich
Landscape Architect: Neuland ArchitekturLandschaft GmbH, Zürich
Structual Engineer: Urech Bärtschi Maurer AG, Zürich
Façade Engineer: Feroplan Engineering AG, Zürich
Mechanical: Todt Gmür + Partner AG, Schlieren
Plumbing: Neukom Engineering AG, Adliswil
Electrical: R+B Engineering AG, Zürich
Building Physics: Raumanzug GmbH, Zürich
Fire Protection: AFC Air Flow Consulting AG, Zürich
Gastronomy Planning: Axet GmbH, Embrach
Competition: direct
Project: 2011-2017
Gross floor area (SIA 416): 18’273 m2
Gross Volume (SIA 416): 61’778 m3
Main Net floor area: 9’489 m2
Net floor area: 12’059 m2
Ecology Standard (CH): Minergie
Photography: ©Pablo Casals Aguirre  ©Georg Aerni  ©Rasmus Norlander

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