Dendy Park Sporting Pavilion by CohenLeigh Architects

Dynamic roofline in a parkland

Project Specs


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这座新社区运动中心是为满足迅速增长的女子足球运动的使用需求而设计的,建筑以其砖砌图案和动态屋顶线为特征, 鼓励促进所有年龄层的人参与到体育运动中来。运动馆内部包含8个更衣室、1个社交空间、裁判区、售货及存储空间,设计中的一些细微之处使这个在公园之中大型设施与环境取得了平衡。

▼运动馆鸟瞰,aerial view of the sporting pavilion

Specifically designed for the exponential growth in junior women’s soccer, and recognizable by its brick super graphic & dynamic roofline, this new community sports hub actively promotes participation across all ages.Featuring eight changerooms, a Social Space, Umpires areas, Kiosk & Storage spaces the design balances an array of subtleties for a large scale facility in a popular parklands environment.

▼处于公园环境中的运动馆外观,exterior view of the sporting pavilion in a parkland

在入口处,建筑师使用砖石堆砌出“Dendy Park”图案,既参考了Brighton东部的红砖历史,也作为公园中显眼的视觉设计。呈一定角度的动态屋顶塑造建筑活力的正面和提供朝向公共景观区域的遮阳保护设施,打破了公园中大型建筑的体量感。

At the entrance, ‘Dendy Park’ is superimposed as a brick super graphic, referencing both the local red clinker brick history of Brighton East & a visual identity for the building celebrating the popular parklands. A dynamic angular roof line shapes itself to active frontages and provides passive shade protection to public viewing areas, breaking up the volume of the building in the parklands.

▼呈一定角度的动态屋顶塑造建筑活力立面和提供朝向公共景观区域的遮阳保护设施,a dynamic angular roof line shapes itself to active frontages and provides passive shade protection to public viewing areas

▼建筑入口处使用砖石堆砌出“Dendy Park”图案,‘Dendy Park’ is superimposed as a brick super graphic at the entrance


Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) is a key driver throughout the project. Passive heating, cooling & natural ventilation is achieved into all changerooms & social areas while the community space has dual orientation for northern aspect & flexible community use. Rain water gardens, low VOC materials, rain water tanks & water efficient fixtures are all integrated throughout.

▼内部入口空间,interior of the entrance space

▼砖石、木材形成的空间,拥有朝向公园的景观视角,space constructed in wood and bricks has great view towards the park

▼更衣室,changing room


Into the future, the facility will generate substantial benefit for local community groups, while actively promoting sporting participation in Soccer & Cricket.

▼立面砖石细部,detail of the bricks on the facade

▼木材屋顶细部,detail of the wooden roof


▼北立面,north elevation

▼南立面,south elevation

▼西立面,west elevation

▼东立面,east elevation

Project size: 920 m²
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 1

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