Dawn to Dusk by Haberdashery

A way of experiencing the eternal magic of a sunset or sunrise right there in your living room

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“Dawn to Dusk”系列灯具和它的名字一样,描绘的是从日出到日落的梦幻体验。精致的设计唤起了人们对太阳的记忆:从层次丰富的红色夕照,到明亮耀眼的白色晨光,每个时段都呈现出不同的色彩和美感。

Dawn to Dusk lighting is a way of experiencing the eternal magic of a sunset or sunrise right there in your living room. Its intricate design evokes the memory of the sun and the intense transition from deep, rich reds of the late evening through to the white light of the midday. Painting your surroundings in all the colours of the sun.

Dawn to Dusk系列分为台灯和落地灯两个款式,圆形的漫射光源可以被上下滑动,带来丰富而温暖的光影氛围;或者也可以朝向房间和墙面,为使用者提供2700k的专业照明。为了增多用户与产品的互动,设计师采用了一种新颖的开关方式:当光源位于最底端时,灯具处于关闭状态;随着光源慢慢向上移动,灯光也逐渐从红色变为橙色,最后在到达顶端时则带来2700k的白色光照。

Available as a desktop and floor standing lamp, a diffused circular light source can be manually slid up and down to create rich, warm atmospheric colour hues, or as a useful 2700k task light that can be faced into a room or cast up a wall surface. When at the base of it’s transit the sliding light ‘head’ sits in an off position, and then as it is moved upwards it activates a low intensity red hue, which transitions into orange, then 2700k white light as slid upwards. Light output also increases in brightness as the head moves upwards.

Dawn to Dusk灯具以极简的美学呈现出一种独特的设计思路。它能够为空间赋予一种变化的情绪和色彩,使永恒而迷人的黎明与傍晚在空间中得到重现。

Dawn to Dusk provides an iconic design statement through its minimal aesthetic, and an opportunity to bring a mood changing flood of colour into your space helping to recreate that magical moment of connection with the rising or setting sun that has fascinated humans for aeons.

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