Sacred Spaces Illustration by André Chiote

A dialogue between a human architectural creation and a divine natural creation

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Appreciation towards André Chiote for providing the following description:

神圣的空间是历代不同文明的产物。保护这些独一无二的建筑有助于我们更好的理解所处时代之前的社会。埃及金字塔、希腊神庙、印加和玛雅金字塔、罗马和哥特教堂等等,那些留存至今的建筑是当时的文化与建筑遗产的记忆(其中有些非常独特的)。进行宗教崇拜和/或者葬礼仪式的场所,都是非常特殊的纪念性建筑,因此,当周围一切都在改变时,它们仍然能够存在。它们也是象征性和标志性的建筑。我们现代的一些建筑,在未来也是我们这个(或几个)时代社会的遗产。作为建筑条约,其中一些神圣的空间以一种统一的方式呈现,试图表达出每一座建筑最关键和最具识别性的地方。简单的建筑几何形体与自然元素(天空、水、树木)对比, 形成互补元素之间的图形游戏,创造了人类建筑创作与(假定)神圣自然创作之间的对话。

▼朗香教堂,Notre Dame Du Haut Chapel

The sacred spaces are the legacy of the various civilizations throughout the ages. The conservation of these singular constructions helps us to better understand the societies that preceded us. The pyramids of Egypt, the Greek temples, the Inca and Mayan pyramids, the Roman and Gothic churches, etc. survived till today as memories (sometimes the unique) of the cultural and architectural heritage of those civilizations.
Places of religious worship and / or funeral celebration, these monuments are always exceptional buildings and, therefore, remain while everything around is changing. They are also symbolic and iconic constructions. And some of these buildings in our era will remain in the future as patrimony of our (several) contemporary societies. Presented as an architectural treaty, some of these sacred spaces are illustrated in a homogeneous way, trying to highlight some of the most relevant and identifiable aspects of each building. Simplified architecture geometries contrast with natural elements (sky, water, trees) in a graphic game between complementary elements, to create a dialogue between a human architectural creation and a (supposed) divine natural creation.

▼巴西利亚大教堂,Cathedral of Brasilia

▼美国空军学院礼拜堂,USAFA Cadet Chapel

▼路思义教堂,Luce Memorial Chapel

▼美国北区基督教堂,North Christian Church

▼圣弗朗西斯德萨勒教堂,St. Francis de Sales Church

▼军事学院犹太教堂,Military Academy Synagogue

▼基督复活教堂,Christi Auferstehung Church

▼圣卡塔多墓地,San Cataldo Cemetery

▼里奥拉教区教堂,Riola Parish Church

▼圣玛利亚教堂,Santa Marila Church

▼圣莫尼卡教堂,Santa Monica Church

▼乔瓦尼二十三世主教堂,Pope Giovanni ⅩXIII Church

▼克劳斯兄弟教堂,Bruder Klaus Field Chapel

▼Al-Irsyad 清真寺,Al-Irsyad mosque

▼乌兹迟特殡仪馆, Crematorium Uitzicht

▼南京河西万景园教堂,Nanjing Chapel

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