Daishan South Side Community Health Service Center, Nursing Home, Community Church, China by UAG Studio, School of Architecture, Southeast University

Multilevel public activity space

Project Specs


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The project is located in the south of Daishan social housing in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, with a planned land area of 7053.8 sqm and a total construction area of 11246.25 sqm. The planning includes community health service center, Health Service Center, Nursing Home, and Community Church, which belong to the life supporting facilities for the residents of south of Daishan area. The whole plot is located in the city park, connecting Daishan South Road through Pinghu Road, back to daishan scenic area, with excellent landscape resources. The lake along the lake landscape belt extension is on the west side, while the east side is vegetation extension of south Daishan.

▼西南侧鸟瞰,aerial view from southwest ©侯博文

▼东侧鸟瞰,aerial view from east ©侯博文

▼东侧山坡看本案,view from east hillside ©侯博文


▼多层次公共空间,multilevel public activity space ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

Relatively private living spaces are connected with public communication Spaces. Public activities are emphasized and communication are encouraged. Multilevel public activity space is constructed, including courtyard, rooftop activity platform, open porch, etc. Courtyard and roof platform provides places for the elderly, patients and inpatients to rest, communication, sports, view. On the one hand, the open porch strengthens the connection and mutual benefit between the nursing home and the community health service center, on the other hand, it serves as a place for the communication and activity of the medical and nursing population, and forms a friendly and open continuous public interface facing the city.

▼西侧街景,street view from west ©侯博文

▼西立面,west facade ©侯博文


The community health service center is organized around the courtyard, and the functions are divided according to floors. The first floor and the second floor are medical care area. The first floor is comprehensive outpatient care area and the second floor is specialized outpatient area. The ward area is on the third floor and the office area is on the forth floor. The function partition is clear, which is convenient for different groups of people to look for their target.

exterior view of the community health service center

▼社区服务中心局部立面 ©侯博文
facade of the community health service center

▼从卫生服务中心看养老院 ©侯博文
the nursing home from the community health service center

▼从养老院看卫生服务中心 ©侯博文
the community health service center from the nursing home


The main public and living spaces of the nursing home are oriented to the east or south, or to the courtyard, with pleasant views of the landscape. The first floor is equipped with landscape restaurant, sunshine leisure hall, multi-function hall, gym, chess and card room, sales department, university for the elderly, reading college and other supporting functions as well as management services. The living floors are provided with receding platforms and roof gardens.

▼养老院外观,exterior view of the nursing home ©侯博文

▼东侧视角,east view ©侯博文

▼南侧视角,south view ©侯博文

▼内庭院,inner courtyard ©侯博文

▼立面肌理,skin ©侯博文

▼楼梯通向屋顶平台,the stairs leading to the roof terrace ©侯博文


▼教堂分解轴测图,exploded axon ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

The form of the church implied Noah’s Ark. The large glass surface to symbolize water, the upper cantilever, shaped like an ark. The towering bell tower symbolizes the mast on the ark. Inside the church, an integrated timber roof frame is exposed in the worship hall, resembling the skeleton of Ark. Triangular skylights on the roof cast light and shadow into the church, symbolizing the light brought to the world by the stripes of Jesus. The facade material uses the splicing of white aluminum plate, and the wooden grille is used to decorate the building. Continuous and dynamic plane decoration extend from the facade of the building, forming a rich and lively facade. White aluminum panels fill the building with a modern flavor, while wood tones give the whole building a sense of warmth, shielding the external air conditioning units and ensuring good ventilation.

▼高耸的钟塔象征方舟上的桅杆 ©侯博文
the towering bell tower symbolizes the mast on the ark

▼白色铝板与木质格栅形成连续的立面 ©侯博文
the white aluminum plate and wooden grille form a continuous facade

▼现代与温馨气息相结合,the combination of modernity and warmth ©侯博文

▼屋面的三角形天窗将光影投射于礼拜堂之中 ©侯博文
the triangular skylights on the roof cast light and shadow into the church

▼整体夜景,night view ©侯博文

▼流线分析,circulation analysis ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼总平面图,site plan ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼社区卫生服务中心:一层平面图 ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室
Community Health Service Center: 1F plan

▼社区卫生服务中心:二层平面图 ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室
Community Health Service Center: 2F plan

▼社区卫生服务中心:三层平面图 ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室
Community Health Service Center: 3F plan

▼社区卫生服务中心:四层平面图 ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室
Community Health Service Center: 4F plan

▼社区卫生服务中心:立面图&剖面图 ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室
Community Health Service Center: elevation & section

▼养老院:一层平面图,Nursing Home: 1F plan ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼养老院:二层平面图,Nursing Home: 2F plan ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼养老院:三至五层平面图,Nursing Home: 3-5F plan ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼养老院:立面图&剖面图,Nursing Home: elevation & section ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼教堂:一层平面图,Community Church: 1F plan ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼教堂:二层平面图,Community Church: 2F plan ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼教堂:立面图&剖面图,Community Church: elevation & section ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

▼剖透视,sectional perspective ©东南大学建筑学院UAG城市建筑设计工作室

项目设计 & 完成年份:2016 & 2021

Project name: Daishan South Side Community Health Service Center, Nursing Home, Community Church
Design: UAG Urban Architectural Design Studio, School of Architecture, Southeast University
Website: http://www.njuag.com/
Contact e-mail: 1556415321@qq.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2016 & 2021
Leader designer & Team: Ma jin,Zhu sijie, Li chaohong
Project location: Daishan New Town Road, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing
Gross Built Area: 11246 sqm
Photo credits: Hou Bowen
Structural: Southeast University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co. LTD
Landscape: Southeast University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co. LTD
Construction: Jiangsu Weifeng Construction and Installation Group Co. LTD
Clients: Nanjing Anju Group Affordable Housing Development Company

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