Curtilage Artisan Studio in Nanjing, China by TURING DESIGN

Inheritance of new and old.

Project Specs


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This project is an old folk house with inner courtyard, located in the East Zhonghua Gate Historical Culture Block,NanJing. Curtilage Artisan is a studio established by a group of returnees. They are managing solid wood floor, solid wood board table and different type of wooden furniture. The design kept the original structures of the old house, repairing the ground in the original courtyard space, to set up the firm ground and sandstone and retain the architectural features of the old residential buildings. It also injected new vitality and possibility into space.

▼空间一览,overall view of the space


The outer facade of the show window using white iron sheetplus sculptureand hollow out to become the main LOGO, the outer facade also become the main visual image. It’s also the best background for the tourists to take pictures. Replace the original small and complicated doors and windows with large scale windows and open folding doors. Effectively improve the natural light in the indoor area.

▼建筑入口,小尺度的门窗被拆改为大尺度的玻璃和折叠门,entrance, the small-scaled openings are transformed into large windows and folding doors


We set up a suspended transparent glass box at the interior wall of the courtyard stretch into the courtyard.It is more abundant in space structure and also providing a rest area with best day lighting in the space.

▼内院,设有一个玻璃盒子,courtyard with a glass box

▼洽谈区,光线充足,communication space with plenty of light

▼洽谈区细部,details of the communication space


A white building is setting up in the original buildings, to create a concept of house in house.It’s the center of the whole space, the bar can also be used as cashier; upper inter layer is available for VIP guests to communicate. Blue is the main color of the Curtilage Artisan. In the entrance and bar, blue wall is used to inject new colors and vitality into the whole space. We use white terrazzoto make the walls and ground in this space, white iron sheet and white paint can create a pure space, making strong contrast of the original wood structures, doors and windows. Materials contrast well with colors; improve the visual effect to a higher level.

▼展示区,设有一个白色的屋中屋,exhibition space with a white house in house

▼白色材料与原本的木制结构形成对比,contrast between the white materials and original wooden structure


In the end, we hope to inject new design elements into space and materials, so as to create a diversified space for product display, client communication, party and salon exchange.

▼工作室的部分产品细部,part of the products of the studio


▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric

设计公司:TURING DESIGN 图灵空间设计

Design Company: TURING DESIGN
Conceptual Designer: Li Gan
Design Team Members: Liu Peng、Wang Zheng
Material:Terrazzo, solidwood floor, wood grain firm, glass, steel, STUCCO.
Photographer: Ingallery、Li Gan

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