Cursive Structure Collection by Gallery All + Chulan Kwak

The 3D construction of the 2D calligraphy

Project Specs

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Appreciation towards  Gallery All + Chulan Kwak for providing the following description:

Gallery All与来自韩国首尔的艺术家Chulan Kwak合作,共同打造出这个以草书为原型的系列艺术品。一直以来,Chulan Kwak都致力于通过探索“形式”和材料来进行艺术创作。受到中国书法中草书的启发,Chulan Kwak设计了一个名为“草书桌椅”的艺术品系列,以有机、复杂精致的现代设计形式将传统元素淋漓尽致地表现了出来。

Gallery All is pleased to announce our collaboration with Chulan Kwak. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Kwak has been practicing his way to give “forms” to concepts along with material exploration. Inspired by traditional Chinese cursive calligraphy, Kwak’s Cursive Structure collection investigates the traditional elements in an organic, sophisticated form of contemporary design.

▼实际场景中的飞龙桌和方形草书椅,the Dragon Console Table and Cube Merged Chair in the real scene © Gallery All and Chulan Kwak

在中国的书法中,草书可以说是最为简写和潦草的一种字体了。Kwak以草书为灵感,将一系列汉字的二维笔画重组为了三维结构。这些三维结构有虚有实,极具韵律感。如同草书就像是一条在天空中自由翱翔的巨龙一般, Kwak所创造出的“草书桌椅”系列也具有相同意境;同时得益于其不规则的外观造型,随着人们位置移动,这些艺术品会呈现出完全不同的景象,真正地达到了移步换景的效果。


Inspired by Caoshu, a Chinese cursive brush-writing movement known as the most abbreviated typeface in the calligraphy to-date, Kwak restructures the 2D stroke of Caoshu, which seemed to run the blank space rhythmically, into the 3D structure. As the free flow of Caoshu resembles the appearance of a dragon that seems to fly through the sky, Kwak established the Cursive Structure that functions as well as creating a contrast between the object and margin of space that changes according to the viewpoint.

In order to realize this free curved form, Kwak applies the technique of papercraft to woodwork. He first creates the form through 3D software and then unfolds it to extract the accurate drawing. He used this method to precisely cut thin and bendable plywood with a CNC machine and to adhere to the edges of each part correctly in order.

▼项目灵感:书法中的草书,the inspiration: Caoshu, a Chinese cursive brush-writing movement in the calligraphy


The combination of the digital tool and craftsmanship has enabled him to create solid forms of free curves in the real world, such as those made in the virtual space. They were finished after dyeing with Muck, ink used for Chinese brush-writing, for the deep black color.

▼飞龙桌、飞龙椅的演化过程,the generation of Dragon Console Table and Dragon Chair


Dragon Console Table, 2019
尺寸:45.28h x 65w x 31.5d 英寸(115h x 165w x 80d 厘米)
Material: Black Ink Dyed Redoak Veneer On Plywood, SUS
Dimension: 45.28h x 65w x 31.5d in (115h x 165w x 80d cm)

▼实际场景中的飞龙桌,the Dragon Console Table in the real scene © Gallery All and Chulan Kwak


Cube Merged Chair (Black), 2019
尺寸:28.74h x 41.34w x 32.28d 英寸(73h x 105w x 82d 厘米)
Material: Black Ink Dyed Redoak Veneer on Plywood 
Dimension: 28.74h x 41.34w x 32.28d in (73h x 105w x 82d cm)
An edition has been placed into the permanent collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Korea

▼实际场景中的黑色草书方形椅,the black Cube Merged Chair in the real scene © Gallery All and Chulan Kwak

▼黑色的草书方形椅,the black Cube Merged Chair © Gallery All and Chulan Kwak


Dragon Chair, 2019
尺寸:37.4h x 41.34w x 27.56d 英寸(95h x 105w x 70d 厘米)
Material: Black Ink Dyed Veneer Plywood 
Dimension: 37.4h x 41.34w x 27.56d in (95h x 105w x 70d cm)

▼飞龙椅,the Dragon Chair © Gallery All and Chulan Kwak

▼飞龙椅细节,details of the Dragon Chair © Gallery All and Chulan Kwak


Cube Merged Chair (Burl), 2019
尺寸:30.31h x 44.1w x 28.75d 英寸(77h x 112w x 73d 厘米)
Material: Mojave Burl Vener, Bent Plywood 
Dimension: 30.31h x 44.1w x 28.75d in (77h x 112w x 73d cm)

▼树纹表皮的草书方形椅,the burl Cube Merged Chair © Gallery All and Chulan Kwak

▼树纹表皮的草书方形椅细节,details of the burl Cube Merged Chair © Gallery All and Chulan Kwak

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