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A cinema surrounded by black crystals



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The item is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, a developed costal city that enjoys picturesque mountains and arresting sea sights.

▼项目位于浙江台州,this item is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang


We covered every corner of the city, appreciating the local customs and practices to discover some local distinctions.

▼“结晶体”的内部空间,the internal view of “Crystals”


Firstly, we took mountains into our consideration as the local physical geography features c. Mountains in China imply positive meanings. The features of mountains, being rolling, lofty, amazing and rugged, are adopted to give an eyes feast to visitors by means of deconstructuralism.

▼设计以山脉的起伏为灵感,the design concept comes from mountainous and rugged terrain


Based on the above experiences, we divide small mountains into different stereographic structures, displaying them in cinema rooms, at the same time, starry sky is employed to add their relish. Every individual video hall is endowed with distinctive characters with the aid of deconstructuralism. These characters show different features and bring inequable physical and mental experiences. The design perfectly incorporates natural features and hyper-modern design spirit as a whole.

▼放映厅融入了小山和星空灯元素,small mountains and starry sky are integrated into cinema rooms


The moment entering the cinema, one will feel like being insulated from the outside world. Surrounded by golden black crystallized metal, one may fall into the illusion of standing in front of upside down pixilated mountains or straying into a black multidimensional forest. The black striped marble floor is intersected into irregular patterns.

▼空间被黑色的金属结晶体包围,the interior is surrounded by golden black crystallized metal


Standing before the ticket window noticing it, realizing it is not such a movie center as he/she is familiar to. Under the spotlights, the whole space resembles breaking and reunifying of different shapes and forms, forming multidimensional images. In no time, will one feel like staying in a film scene with great sense of future, or entering into another dimension. The design stirs various illusions and imaginations.

▼充满层次感的空间使人仿佛置身于未来的电影场景之中,the space offers multidimensional images making people feel like staying in a film scene with great sense of future

公共空间运用了大量的金属冲孔板和金色电镀不锈钢板,拼接固定在基础骨架机构上。地面铺贴的是天然石材, 这种石材通体黑色夹杂着白色的自然纹理,看起来接近于黑色星空,让空间有一种天地倒置的感觉。

Large quantities of perforated-plate and golden electrogalvanized stainless steel are welded to a basic framework.The floor here is tilted with natural stones which feature black and back natural stripes. The similarity between stone natures and starry sky excites the feeling of being standing on the bright starry sky.

▼公共空间运用了大量金属及石材,large quantities of metal and natural stones are used in public area

每一片金属板造型都像是被切割出来的一样,整个大厅里有大大小小3000多片的冲孔三角形金属板,竟然没有一片尺寸是一样的。若隐若现的雕塑好像偷偷地在观望着我们,使人忍不住想走近这些超现代的雕塑(注:陈设的雕塑艺术品来源于法国艺术家Xavier Veilhan)。大厅中间的不规则LED显示屏不断播放着最新电影的预告片,把人瞬间拉回到现实之中。

Every model looks like being intersected. Though there are more than 3000 punched metal plate in the hall, big or small, no one is equal to another in size, and they are unified together as a whole perfectly. Overlooked by the indistinctive sculptures, one cannot wait but approach the hyper-modern statues.(The sculptures on exhibition are created by Xavier Veilhan, a French artist) LED movie screen plays the latest trailers, making movie goers back to the real physical world.

▼空间中陈列着一些超现代雕塑,some hyper-modern statues are on exhibition


Numbers of video halls are darted onto the ground orderly, in a strong-weak cycle. It attracts movie goers into the hall to see what is happening. Passing through the lobby of the hall, the distorted ground frightened people, making them not dare to get closer. However, driven by curiosity, one may go ahead attentively to see it clearly but only to find he/she is fooled by their eyes.

▼带来错觉的“扭曲”地面, the an illusional “distorted” ground


Every cinema room is molded in the materials that are environment-friendly, fire-free acoustic panels. They varied 3D-dimensional shapes created in the hall, along with the customized carpet, communicate a sense of unification.

▼放映厅,cinema room


One can experience a journey through time and space in VIP viewing hall, with carpet being clearly printed lunar surface and walls as well as ceilings designed against a starry sky. Bathed in the special light, one can enjoy the beauty of starry sky, only feeling regret without a space suit.

▼VIP放映厅,VIP viewing hall


Imagine watching movies in space, It’s also a great experience!

设计面积: 4000㎡
Project Name: Crystals
Completion time: August 2016
Design area: 4000 square meters
Project Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang Province
Project area: 4000 square meters
Design Agency: Yingjie Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Designer: Wang Yang


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