Cortex Park by ADEPT + Creo Arkitekter

Bring together four educational and innovation programs under one roof

Project Specs


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Cortex Park综合体将四个不同的教育和创新空间整合在同一座建筑当中,使学生、研究者和员工得以与共享的体育馆设施及城市特征形成连接。

Cortex Park brings together four educational and innovation programs under one roof – connecting students, researchers and staff with shared sports facilities and urban character.

▼项目概览,project overview

Cortex Park是以人的身心健康为依据而设计的建筑,同时试图与其周围的环境建立亲密的关系。体育馆作为建筑的“屋顶”,横跨了四个不同的体量,在物质与精神上同时创造了共享式的体验,为知识和运动赋予了全新的关系。

▼轴测示意图:体育馆作为建筑的“屋顶”,横跨了四个不同的体量,axon diagram: the sports facilities span between the four houses as a ‘roof’

The result is a building designed for the challenge of both mind and body – and to establish a close relation between the building and its surroundings. Placing the sports facilities as a ‘roof’, spanning between the four houses, we create a both physical and mental experience of sharing, as well as a new hybrid between knowledge and movement.

▼主立面,main facade


The four individual houses are separate volumes but connected in several ways: the urban space floating into the building at the entrance level, the crisscrossing stairs spanning the triple-height space atrium and the common area at the top floor. A large skylight draws daylight down on the common square where a number of social and administrative functions are located as center points in the central meeting space of the building. Standing on the square looking up, the crisscrossing stairs experienced as an additional spatial layer in building.

▼三层高的中庭空间, the triple-height space atrium

▼巨大的天窗使自然光投射在公共广场上,a large skylight draws daylight down on the common square

▼交错的楼梯,the crisscrossing stairs

▼空中走道,the elevated pathway


The sports facilities at the top floor hovers over the four heavy houses and endows the building with a literally enlightening identity. When darkness falls, it lit up to tell the story of an active environment for education, research and movement – around the clock.

▼体育馆内部,sports facilities interior view

▼屋顶平台,roof terrace

▼围栏细部,railing detail

▼夜间被点亮的体育馆,the sports facilities lit up by night


Each of the individual houses in the building have their own facade expression in graphic concrete, contrasting the lightness of the stairs.

▼混凝土立面图案, graphic concrete facade

▼建筑日间外观,exterior view in the daytime

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼西立面图,west elevation


Cortex Park
Year of project realization: 2013 – 2015
Project description and project data:
Location: Odense, Denmark
Architect: ADEPT / Creo Arkitekter
Cost: 98 mill DKK
Size: 7.500 m2
Client: University College North
Collaborators: Rambøll Engineers, Schul Landskab
Photo: Adam Mørk

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