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The Beijing insurance industrial park is located in the southern foot of the mountain around the Badachu Park in Shijingshan District, which flanks the Yongding River Diversion Canal on the south. The park is oriented as a state-level financial innovation demonstration zone, an incubator for insurance innovation enterprises, and a smart sponge-park integrating mountains and waters. The insurance industry offers chances to think about the meaning of life and the long-term planning of life. Furthermore, the design of the green space in industrial park is also hoped to arouse people’s thinking and respect for our living environment. Green space can also be an extension of the workspace, linking each functional area and interior workspace.

▼园区概貌,an overview of the park

山的思考 | The thinking about mountains


With the stretching branch of the mountains around Badachu Park, the shape of mountains is introduced into the green space of the park and extended into the Yongding River Diversion Canal. In the meantime, the stratified space and the dramatic terrain double the complexity, for people can’t resist the desire to explore the interior space when the structure and the walkway are without foundations.


In order to follow the planting pattern on those mountains, trees and shrubs in neat shape and vertical moulding are chosen to emphasize the trend of the terrain and the harmony of the region.

风的思考 | The thinking about the wind


Making use of the terrain to form a corridor to ventilate, and setting up an aromatic plant community

云的思考 |The thinking about the cloud


The pavement of water permeable brick with the figure of cloud on the second layer, displaying a sense of walking on air with the cloud scudding and clearing. Under the bridge, cloud and mist mixed together form a world time gate which attracts people to enter the central green space;


Pixelated cloud wall is built for plants platforms, in order to eliminate dispersion between different layers.

光的思考 | The thinking about of the light


The Stilling pool, as a private area, is located in the cherry blossom area. When people lower their heads to appreciate the water, they can also feel the charm of the sky.


The pool and the mirror stainless steel reflect the image of the sky, bringing people a feeling of integration.

雨的思考 | The thinking about the rain


lower-land rain gardens surrounded by the shrubs and vegetation with local characteristics, effectively using the collected rainwater and bring a colorful landscape in summer and autumn.

人的思考 | The thinking about people


The quiet, independent and private green space in the center fully sets aside a place for people to relax, meditate and connect in nature.


中心绿地,占地3.7公顷 | Center green space, covering 3.7 hectares


The continuous footpath of the second floor are built in the surrounding area, so that people can step into the green space directly from their working area, which ensures that the slow-speed system in the park is not intersected with the motor way. The interaction between ground level and second floor space becomes the main contradiction of this design, with the green space in the southeast corner as their only intersection. The two-level loop walkway is relatively independent, extending the green space, and the different kinds of areas are connected in.

▼地面层与二层空间的交互,the interaction between ground level and second floor space


▼二层步道,the footpath on the second level

▼二层步道尽头的双层观景平台,the double-deck platform at the end of the footpath

▼与二层步道充分结合的塑胶多功能活动场,the plastic multifunctional activity zone is fully integrated with the footpath at the second floor

▼从二层桥区俯视:水道、种植、步道、草坪等线索并行通过,there are waterways, planting, footpaths and lawns in parallel, when viewing from the second floor


南侧绿地,占地8.7公顷 | Green space in the south, covering 8.7 hectares


Green space with two or three smooth and light-color lines, in waterway, cantilever platform, stairs and retaining walls, mixed and fused with round terrain in ups and downs. Finally all of these are linked with the buildings of insurance industrial park in the north, bringing people interesting experience.

▼叠层挑台与一侧的栈道雨水花园形成对比和对话,contrast and complement between the cantilever platform and the rainwater garden are displayed

▼划分空间的多功能树池,multifunctional tree pool is used to divide the whole place into different functional areas

▼镶嵌在步道与地形中的缓流水道和座椅,a slow-speed waterway and seats are embedded in the footpath and the whole terrain

▼项目总平面,General layout

设计公司:北京北林地景园林规划设计院有限责任公司 D5 设计所。
Location: Beijing insurance Industrial Park,Beijing, China
Landscape Area:12.4ha
Completion Year: December 2016
Design company: Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture institute co., LTD
D5 Design
Design gourp: Guangrui Ma, Lu Zhang, Fei Xiang, Jing Zhang, Jun Li, Jingshan Zhu, Yapei Ma, Kuangzheng Liu.
Photo credit: Lu Zhang, Dan Jiang, Shudi Zhao.

More:Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture institute ; Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture institute on gooood


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