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Reorganizes the association between an object and an interval by cutting in

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“当充满活力和意义的内容处于中性状态时,结构的形象和设计就显得更加清晰,这有点像在自然或人为灾害的破坏下,城市的建筑遭到遗弃且只剩下骨架一样。人们并不会轻易地忘记这种再也无人居住的城市,因为其中所萦绕的意义和文化使她免于回归自然。” –德里达(JacquesDerrida)

“when the Dynamic and meaningful content is neutral, the image and design of the structure becomes clearer, a bit like when the buildings of a city are abandoned and only skeletons are left after natural or man-made disasters. It is not easy to forget a city that is no longer inhabited, because the sense and culture that surround it keeps it from going back to nature.”– Jacques Derrida



The log is used to renovate the partial area of the exhibition hall. The original idea is more to overthrow the traditional product-oriented exhibition hall landing point. In a disguised way to elaborate the space and product combination. Because it is a partial renovation. On the connection of inner streamline and adjacent space. We did more thinking. To make it more natural for it to exist. Rather than a sign of violence.

▼翻新后展厅室内概览,overview of the exhibition hall after renovation ©吴昌乐


This is the point that we need to think more about before deciding the pattern. Such as how the product and Space Better Complement Each Other? Product for the existence of the space and the emotional control of the product itself and later the reverse thinking. The necessity of space and product can be interpreted in another way.

▼洽谈区,the negotiation area ©吴昌乐

▼从洽谈区看向周边空间,viewing the adjacent area from the negotiation area ©吴昌乐


From the original line into the renovation of the psychological transformation process. Not only consider the partial renovation of the jump. More will be from the point of view of psychological transformation to analyze the original line into the renovation area of the balance. Narrative of light interwoven with objects and spaces.

▼从洽谈区看向休闲会客区,viewing the leisure area from the negotiation area ©吴昌乐

▼休闲会客区局部,partial view of the leisure area ©吴昌乐


Reorganizes the association between an object and an interval by cutting in. The independence of the black box is realized by the separation of some media. Then take the light shadow as the detachment. To give it a distinct sense of levitation.

▼展厅空间细节,exhibition space details ©吴昌乐

▼室内空间细节,墙体营造出悬浮感,space details, walls create a distinct sense of levitation ©吴昌乐

▼从展厅内部看到外面的景观区,viewing the landscape area from the interior space ©吴昌乐

▼设有枯山水的景观区,the landscape area of the Japanese rock garden ©吴昌乐

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©境象设计师事务所

建筑面积:135 m²

Project name: Configuration
Project location: Zhejiang Ruian Sengong.
Creation and Design Team: MIRROR DESIGN FIRM
Design Director:Jiang Wanjing
Design Director: lance
Contract Design: Linsisi
Photographer: Wu Changle
Building area: 135 m²

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