Comprehensive Treatment Engineering of Liulin Park Section, Linli National Wetland Park, China by Palm design

Willows Stroking the Bunding, Interdependent with Daoshui

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Once upon a time, there was a man who called Qiuzi Fu
Ascended to heaven and became an immortal on Taifu Mountain
Rowing a boat in Daoshui River
Which has a history of 5,000 years.
—Records of Lizhou

▼项目概览,overview ©棕榈设计



In the farming era, the Daoshui River gave birth to cities, which existed in the countryside and received supplies from the land. However, the development of industrial civilization caused pollution of rivers, fragmentation of traffic, barren shores…Daoshui has faded in the memory of hometown. Landscape of different places is homogeneous, so people are drifting away from the river.

How to make the river vibrant and let the city embrace the river? The design team traces the history of the river, combined with current conditions, gives the city vitality and spiritual rebirth, and recreated the past once more.

▼平面图,plan ©棕榈设计



Daoshui River National Wetland Park is located in Linli County, Changde City, Hunan Province. As an important wetland eco-tourism node of the Lishui River, it relies on the multi-party cooperation advantages of the PPP model to strive to maximize the quality of public services and comprehensive benefits, achieve the comprehensive management and protection of water environment and ecological system, and create a brand-new green card for Linli.

Liulin Park, as the pre-construction area of Daoshui River National Wetland Park, is a pluralistic urban scenic spot featured with wetland landscape, functioned with leisure activities, and integrated with wetland environmental protection, agricultural eco-tourism and folk culture.

▼分析图,diagram ©棕榈设计


Urban Function Development: Social Level


The site features rich texture, but messy vegetation and waterlogged surface. The design achieves the multi-directional connection of road, park and shore through the dredging of road network. It extracts the local Anfu culture, creates themed nodes based on terrain, and recalls tourists’ memory of local characteristics. Meanwhile, new public green spaces are added for civic activities to meet the urban functional needs of diverse activities and help the city develop southward.

▼通过疏通路网,实现路-园-岸的多向串联 ©棕榈设计
The design achieves the multi-directional connection of road, park and shore through the dredging of road network


Swinging Willows and Singing Warblers


The design utilizes local willow resources, sorts out the lower vegetation, and creates a natural and soothing space for strolling under the trees in the form of arbor and lawn.

▼日间树木提供荫蔽,日光穿过绿叶婆娑,投下斑斓光影,The trees provide shade during the day, and the sunlight passes through the green leaves and casts colorful light and shadow ©棕榈设计

▼傍晚时分,星光掩映,行人闲适穿梭于林下漫步道 ©棕榈设计
At dusk, in the shadow of the stars, pedestrians walk leisurely through the trail under the trees

▼拓宽平台成为市民自发性休闲活动场所,激发场地活力 ©棕榈设计
The widened platform becomes a place for citizens’ spontaneous leisure activities, which stimulates the vitality of the site


Time Ring


The Time Ring Square is located at the main entrance of the Liulin Park, which has multiple functions such as display, distribution, and tourist service. The design considers integrating the historical context of Linli City into landscape sculptures, paving and sketches. Tourists can intuitively experience the Linli culture and have an overall impression of the city.

▼时光书简构筑 | 历史脉络地刻 | 城市名片石阶 ©棕榈设计
Time Book Structure | Historical Context Engraving | Stone Steps Engraved with City Cards


The square is extended that follows the pattern of the ring and naturally transitioned to the lawn space. Stools are engraved with Linli cards, combined with musical fountains and lights, to enhance the identity of the landscape.

▼竹简构筑阴刻临澧历史大事件,Time Book Structure Engraved with Significant Historical Events of Linli ©棕榈设计


The sculptures are designed in the form of the ancient Chinese books, integrated with the development timeline of Linli City, and engraved with significant historical events of Linli. People can walk into it along the spiral route, leisurely experience the Linli civilization.

▼雕塑远景,View to the sculptures ©棕榈设计


Embroidered Belt 


▼在浮岛之间架设平桥,A flat bridge is built between the floating islands ©棕榈设计

Patchy farmland existed in the middle of the site is connected to the river. A flat bridge is built between the floating islands. Conforming to the wild and natural landscape style, the flat bridge uses steel-wood structure, and the railings are made by pulling the maroon painted steel columns with steel cables. While ensuring the lightness of the arch bridge facade, tourists can listen to the spring and enjoy the spring.

▼平桥设计分析, flat bridge diagram ©棕榈设计


Children’s world


The colorful paving uses bright colors to stimulate the development of children’s visual organs, combined with the micro-topography design and amusement facilities designed for children of different ages, to create a dynamic and lively outdoor activity space.

▼儿童户外活动空间,activity space for children ©棕榈设计



Flexible Stormwater Management: Ecological Level


The design relies on the original ecological base to create invisible flood control embankments and landscape that adapts to stormwater, achieving deep contact between water and human. The landscape nodes are arranged in combination with water level of the river to minimize the impact of water level changes on the landscape.

▼洪涝时期水位分析,Water level analysis during flood period ©棕榈设计


Ecological mudflat



The current revetment within the design scope is based on natural ecology. The water network is dense and criss-crossed, and water bodies are diverse (including pond, farmland, canal, lake and stream), both of which reflect the unique water town characteristics of Linli. However, the water system in this area is heavily polluted by agriculture and non-point sources of villages and towns, and it drains into the river from west to east, which affects the water quality of the Yahe River and causes the eutrophication of the water bodies.

The design adheres to the existing good conditions of the site, retains the texture of the water town, integrates the form of the water system, and creates a rich and varied waterfront open space. Combined with the existing shoals, it properly excavates watercourses to create ecological floating islands with high and low levels, while achieving the effect of flood discharge.

▼结合现有浅滩,营造高低有致的生态浮岛 ©棕榈设计
Combined with the existing shoals, the design properly excavates watercourses to create ecological floating islands with high and low levels


An internal self-purification system is formed through ecological revetments, plants, etc., to optimize the water environment, achieve rain and sewage diversion combined with the planning of sewage pipes, and adjust the impact of non-point source pollution on the Yahe River and water systems.

▼通过生态驳岸、植物等形成内部自净系统 ©棕榈设计
An internal self-purification system is formed through ecological revetments, plants, etc., to optimize the water environment


Sort out the original meandering water system and elevation, properly carry out earthwork excavation, and use comprehensive arrangement of flowering and aquatic plants to create a pleasant hydrophilic shoreline.

▼怡人的亲水岸线,A pleasant hydrophilic shoreline ©棕榈设计


After comprehensive treatment, the ecological system has been basically restored and protected, the problem of drinking water has been basically solved, the environment and ecology are developed in a virtuous cycle, the ecological mudflat has become a natural habitat for egrets and other aquatic animals and microorganisms, where human and nature live in harmony.


Project: Comprehensive Treatment Engineering of Liulin Park Section, Linli National Wetland Park
Location: Linli County, Changde, Hunan
Landscape Design: Palm Design Co., Ltd.
Area: 380,000 m2
Year: 2017~2020

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