Zhoukou Huaiyang Fuxi Cultural Park by Turenscape

Harmonize with water, engage in a dialogue with the landscape

Benjakitti Forest Park by Turenscape (design consultant) / Arsomsilp Community and Environmental Architect Co., Ltd. Arsomsilp Community and Environmental Architect Co., Ltd.

A large sponge embedded in Bangkok City

Ningbo Songlan Mountain Coastal Plank Road, China by Turenscape

Connecting the coastal landscape to provide a better viewing experience

Design as Experiment: The Handan Wastewater Cleansing Terraces by Turenscape

A nature-based wastewater remediation system transformed from an urban waste dump

World Architecture Festival 2022 shortlist revealed

Ahead of ‘Together’ Lisbon event

Fish Tail Park in Nanchang City, China by Turenscape

A Floating Forest

Jiaxing Nanhu Park, China by Turenscape

Inherits Centennial red boat spirit

Lixian Landscape Bridge, China by Turenscape

Build a “people-first” slow traffic system

Dafosi Wetland Park, Tongnan, Chongqing, China by Turenscape

Riverside beach suitable for flood

Meishe River Greenway and Fengxiang Park, Haikou, China by Turenscape

Integrating the sewage treat process into an ecological system that return the river alive with clean water, rich lives, lush beauty and social vitalities