Floating Cornice on the Brook – Micro-Renewal of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music by Zhu Peidong – line+ & gad

Linear pedestrian system with minimal intervention on the site

Sanya Haitang Bay Medical and Healthcare Demonstration Center, China by Fanhao Meng – line+ & gad

Composite of various scenes

Documentation of Viewshine Headquarters by Fanhao Meng -gad x line+

Using architecture and space language to customize the image and temperament of the enterprise

Black and White Vessel, Shanghai, China by line+

A perceptible sense of order and fluidity

Slab Hill Lifestyle Lab, China by line+

A Natural Growth Space under Daily Scenery

Sunac · Mogan Valley Yimutian, Zhejiang, China by gad · line+ studio

Non-experience Community

Jiunvfeng · Cloud of Hometown Resort Hotel / gad · line+ studio

Contemporary design communicate with traditions

Growth and dialogue: Guizhou Longtang Targeted Poverty Alleviation Project by gad · line+ studio

Villages can renew themselves and develop in an orderly manner in the transformation to modern new lifestyles

Rebirth of Twelve Homesteads: Tai’an Dongximen Village Renewal Project, China by Meng Fanhao – gad · line+ studio

An unvisited village reactivated through the power of a group of buildings

Jiunvfeng Bubble Pool and supporting facilities on Mount Tai, China by Meng Fanhao, gad · line+ studio

Shells in Cloud Sea