Collection Shop of Coffee and Floriculture, China by Nonezone Space Atelier

An “opening” in the unattractive street

Project Specs


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The collection shop, called as Lovemore, integrates the dessert, the coffee and the floriculture, which also provides the space for gatherings and group activities in addition to the service of beverage and dessert.The site is located at the back of a commercial office building, with a large-scale and closed form. On the one hand, the space combines the demands of the brand promotion, corresponding to the inside and outside with an open attitude. On the other hand, it also hopes to create an “opening” in the unattractive street to accommodate the stay of pedestrians.

▼甜品、花艺、咖啡于一体的集合店,the collection shop integrates the dessert, the coffee and the floriculture


Design concept – Circle

花朵 、蛋糕 、咖啡杯,汇集共同的形式,都来自于圆形,于是设计从这里展开。在二维的平面中重复交叠的圆形,作为“负形”刻印出内部空间的边界,大小不一的圆洞以动线作为串联,在空间营造出围合环抱的形态,也呼应品牌的特质。

Flower, Cake, Coffee cup, all derived from the circle. The collection of the common forms.Then design begins here. The repeatedly overlapped circles in the two-dimensional plane are used as the “negative form” to mark the boundary of the interior. The circular openings with different sizes are connected by the circulation in series, to create a form of enclosure and conform to the characteristics of the brand.

▼以圆为设计概念,the design concept-circle


Just like the wonderful time sitting with the lover and smiling into each other’s eyes in the morning mist and sunrise, the interior of LOVEMORE is designed to match the space and theme with the smoke and light red colors, in which the color and halo together create a fascinating experience

▼室内采用了烟云色与淡红来匹配空间和主题,the interior is designed to match the space and theme with the smoke and light red colors

▼二维平面中重复交叠的圆形限定空间边界,the repeatedly overlapped circles in the two-dimensional plane are used to mark the boundary of the interior

▼操作台前的活动区域,the active area in front of operation area

▼展示区与座位区域,display area and seatings

▼空间一角及后勤通道,seating corner and logistics corridor


Area for gatherings and events


The external display is similar to an opened plant box, in which the LOGO is placed at the same height as the eye level of pedestrians, to convey the amiable brand essence

▼空间细节,space detail

▼分解轴测,axonometric drawing


完成年份: 2018.04  
主创:张峰率 王海 程征 费玉祯  
品牌及材料:水磨石、硅藻泥、铁板喷塑  墙漆:立邦  灯光设计:仙人掌先生  软装:南筑艺术
Project name: Collection shop of coffee and floriculture
Design: Nonezone Space Atelier  
Contact e-mail:
Design year: 2018.01
Completion Year: 2018.05  
Leader designer: Zhangfengshuai Wanghai Chenzheng Feiyuzhen  
Project location: Wuxi Jiangsu  
Gross Built Area (square meters): 130㎡  
Photo credits: Chenming   
Clients: lovemore coffee  
Brands & Products used in the projrct: terrazzo, diatom ooze, iron plate with powder coating Lighting design: Mr. Xianrenzhang Wall paint: Nippon Soft loading: nonezone art

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