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Designs are not only functional and beautiful but can also provoke an emotion and a reaction.

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设计师相信,设计本身可以让生活更加丰富美好。设计可以揭露生活的本质,发现生活的种种乐趣,让人坚持自我,它还可以表达人的情感,或开心,或失望,让数字化冰冷的世界充斥着人性的温度。设计师Atelier Biagetti善于发现生活中的小情绪和小情调,他们从身边的小物件出发,捕捉每日生活中的微小变化。他们的设计充满着对现实生活的真实写照,也透露出使用者的性格。设计师不惧素材的使用,玻璃木材的拼接,皮革与金属的合作,黄铜与混凝土的穿插,不同材质的碰撞与结合让设计更加富有创意,也让生活更多一丝情趣。

The designer believe that design has the power to truly enrich life; that what people need is to surround themselves in their personal, work or public space, with objects that are not only functional and beautiful but can also provoke an emotion, a reaction – that enhance the sentient side of life that is ever more elusive in this digital age.To realize this concept Biagetti and Baldassari have developed a characteristic method of identifying familiar themes of everyday life, analyzing them and decontextualizing their visual elements so as to create a short-circuit between the senses of the body, the preconceptions of the mind and the physical reality of the surrounding environment. Every piece they design has a story to tell, and it is the place in which we put it that gives it voice.








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