Cofco Cultural and Health Center, China by Steven Holl Architects

Promoting healthy living and cultural exchange, the buildings offer green public space to a large adjacent residential community

Project Specs


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The new Cofco Cultural and Health Center aims at being a “social condenser,” bringing the community of the surrounding new housing blocks together in a much-needed public space and landscape along Punan Canal in Shanghai’s Fengxian District. While the housing blocks are repetitive and extensive, here the architecture is of spatial energy and openness, inviting the whole community in for recreational and cultural programs while health needs are provided by the integral health building.

▼项目概览,General view © 奥观建筑视觉


“To work on architecture for culture and health is a social commitment, much needed in our current moment, as we continue to feel the global impacts of the pandemic.”
— Steven Holl

▼从景观步道望向文体中心建筑,View to the Cultural Center from the landscape space © 奥观建筑视觉

此项目符合斯蒂文霍尔事务所对后疫情时代的建筑策略,包含了大量的绿化空间,最大地利用自然光线与空气对流,并以开放的流线和社交空间为特色。景观及两栋公共建筑融合了“云与时间”的概念,此概念来自哲学家卡尔·波普尔(Karl Popper)1965年的著名演讲。如时钟样式的圆形景观步道围合形成中央公共空间;如云状的建筑体开口向公众传递开放邀请。

▼水彩画 – “云与时间”,Steven Holl手绘,Watercolor – Clouds&Clocks © Steven Holl

In line with SHA’s post-covid architecture strategies, the project embraces green space, maximizing fresh air and natural light, and featuring open circulation and social spaces. The landscape and two new public buildings are merged by the concept of “Clocks & Clouds,” a reference to philosopher Karl Popper’s famous 1965 lecture. The landscape is organized in large clock-like circles forming a central public space, and the buildings are cloud-like in their porosity and openness.

▼场地鸟瞰,Site aerial view © 奥观建筑视觉

文化中心建筑采用灰白色多孔混凝土外墙,悬置于透明玻璃基座上,玻璃基座内设有咖啡馆、 娱乐游戏室。弯曲坡道景观延续至二层空间为公众提供俯瞰体验。

The Cultural Center, built out of light grey concrete, hovers over a transparent glass base which exposes the café, game and recreation rooms. A curved ramp, climbing gently up to the second floor creates a continuous overlooking experience.

▼建筑外观,Exterior view © 奥观建筑视觉

▼灰白色多孔混凝土外墙,The light grey concrete facades © 奥观建筑视觉

▼室内空间,Interior view © 奥观建筑视觉

▼大厅楼梯,Lobby staircase © 奥观建筑视觉

▼天窗采光,Skylight © 奥观建筑视觉

▼水彩画,Steven Holl手绘,Watercolor © Steven Holl

▼室内天井,Interior Court © 奥观建筑视觉


▼水彩画 – 景观,Steven Holl手绘,Watercolor – landscape © Steven Holl

The Health Center, also made of light grey concrete, is shaped by the curves of the central landscape space, developing a strong relationship between its “cloud-like” parts and the whole of the landscape. Both buildings have green sedum roofs merging further with the landscape when seen from above and in the surrounding apartment buildings.

▼景观步道,The curves of the central landscape space © 奥观建筑视觉

该项目的可持续策略主要包括增加的绿化与开放空间,采用 30%的可再生材料,集中供暖和制冷系统,二氧化碳监测,热存储以及灰水/雨水采集与再利用等等。

The complex’s main sustainability measures include increased greenery and open space, use of 30% recycled materials, centralized heating and cooling systems, CO2 monitoring, thermal storage and grey / rain water retention and recycling, among others.

▼建筑夜间外观,Exterior view by night © 奥观建筑视觉

▼夜间鸟瞰,Aerial view by night © 奥观建筑视觉


The Cofco Cultural and Health Center is included in Idea + Phenomena, an exhibition of the work of Steven Holl Architects on view at the Roca Beijing Gallery through October 16. For more information, please click here.

▼项目模型,Models © Steven Holl Architects

▼场地平面图,Site plan © Steven Holl Architects

▼文体中心首层平面图,Cultural Center Ground Floor Plan © Steven Holl Architects

▼文体中心2层平面图,Cultural Center 2nd Floor Plan © Steven Holl Architects

▼文体中心3层平面图,Cultural Center 3rd Floor Plan © Steven Holl Architects

▼文体中心4层平面图,Cultural Center 4th Floor Plan © Steven Holl Architects

▼文体中心纵剖面图,Cultural Center Longitudinal Section © Steven Holl Architects

▼文体中心横剖面图1,Cultural Center Transversal Section 1 © Steven Holl Architects

▼文体中心横剖面图2,Cultural Center Transversal Section 2 © Steven Holl Architects

▼医疗服务站1层平面图,Health Center Ground Floor Plan © Steven Holl Architects

▼医疗服务站2层平面图,Health Center 2nd Floor Plan © Steven Holl Architects

▼医疗服务站3层平面图,Health Center 3rd Floor Plan © Steven Holl Architects

▼医疗服务站剖面图1,Health Center Section 1 © Steven Holl Architects

▼医疗服务站剖面图2,Health Center Section 2 © Steven Holl Architects

Shanghai Cofco Cultural & Health Center
Shanghai, China
2016 – 2021
Texts: Courtesy Steven Holl Architects
Drawings: Courtesy Steven Holl Architects
Watercolors: Courtesy Steven Holl
Models: Courtesy Steven Holl Architects
Photographs: Courtesy Aogvision 奥观建筑视觉

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