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Residents of urban housing complexes can’t choose their neighbors. This project is an attempt to provide both connection and appropriate distance between the residents of a property that includes condos with long-term owners as well as rental units occupied by temporary tenants.



▼住宅单元间通过一个类似通道的庭院串联,the housing units are connected by a courtyard that ACTS like a passageway

Each unit is comprised of interlinked boxy rooms. These units are strung together in a line with a passage-like “marginal courtyard” between each pair of volumes functioning to mediate between residents with different values and lifestyles. In addition, a series of small boxes are attached to each of the large boxes. The small boxes serve as bay windows, benches, counters, balconies, and small rooms, bringing southern light from the courtyards deep into every room. Offsetting the height and direction of these openings prevents neighbors from seeing into one another’s living spaces. On the other hand, residents share the marginal courtyards.

▼业主和租客单元的小盒子状空间分别作为凸窗、长椅、柜台、阳台和小房间依附在大盒子状的空间上,the small box Spaces of the landlord and tenant units are attached to the large box Spaces as bay Windows, benches, counters, balconies and small rooms, respectively

▼庭院仰望视角,the yard view


▼拥有不同层次的室内空间,there are different levels of interior space

▼起居空间,the living area

▼开放式厨房,the open kitchen

In addition, the design makes use of the elevation differential on the lot to create different levels in the architecture. This allows for the free linkage of spaces, with the two rental units interlocking three-dimensionally and both offering living spaces on the ground level, second floor, and south side. The boxes are tonally divided so that each time a resident moves from one box to another they cross from a white space into a grey one, creating a sensation of depth as they move between settings.

▼室内空间的颜色拥有丰富的层次感,the color of interior space has rich administrative levels feeling

▼墙体颜色从白到灰逐渐过渡,wall color from white to gray gradually transition

▼空间一角,a corner of the space


The boxes that make up urban living spaces tend to have standardized sizes and functions as well as uniform living spaces. However, altering the arrangement and connections between these boxes allows them to be responsive to the scale of the streetscape as well as the physical scale of their residents, as well as to adapt to a range of design and site conditions. This project thus presents a potential solution to the need for diverse living spaces, weaving together varied gathering points and linkages to reflect the urban space it is part of.

▼通过改变建筑之间的联系方式,使之能更好地适应设计和场地条件,by changing the way the buildings are connected, they can better adapt to the design and site conditions


▼夜幕下的住宅庭院,the courtyard of the house at night

▼分区平面图,zoning plan

▼一层平面,the ground floor plan


Photography : Seiichi Ohsawa
Project Outline
Location : Tokyo, JAPAN
Date of Completion : March, 2016
Principal Use : House
Structure : Wood
Site Area : 195.14 sq.m.
Building Area : 116.77 sq.m.
Total Floor Area : 219.67 sq.m.
Structural Engineer : Scube Co., Ltd.
Exterior Finish : Sprayed Lysine Finish
Floor : Composite flooring
Wall : Wall Paper
Ceiling : Wall Paper

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