Clothsline by Antonio Maciá A&D

Small laundry with its stunning colorful T-shirt ceiling

Project Specs


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Pequeña lavandería en Elche.


This project begun with the task of placing 7 huge machines (4 washing machines and 3 dryers) in a tiny and irregular space of 32m2 and 5.5m height. Our aim was, from the very beginning, to design a pleasant space where to stay while waiting for the laundry to be ready, as well as to create a powerful brand concept so that the client could copy the same concept in the design of future stores.

Due to the small dimensions of the launderette and the great amount of noise produced by the machines, it was very necessary to pay attention to the acoustic demands. In order to fulfill all these requirements (noise, lack of space and need of brand concept) we came up with the idea of designing a clothesline. A hundred of hanging t-shirts plaited defining a vault that, in the first place would work as an acoustic ceiling, but would also provide with a strong brand concept without taking away any space at the ground level.

The arrangements on the floor plan consisted on placing all seven machines in a way the space would look tidy, clean and wider. As a result, the walls defining the main space in the store are built by tracing a polygonal curve which assists on the idea of creating a pleasant homogenous space.





Panel Fad.indd

Planta y Sección.psd

Office: Antonio Maciá A&D
Director: Antonio Maciá Mateu

Ana Mora Vitoria. Architect
Ana Melgarejo. Architect
Rafael Zarza. Architect
Miguel Manzano Olmos. Architect
Laura Mora Vitoria. Architect
Carmina Revert. Architect
Construction Management
Ana Mora Vitoria. Architect

Lighting: Tecnoluz S.L.
Location: Elche, Alicante (Spain)
Cost: 15.000 €
Area: 32 m2
Client: Rosa Parreño
Photography: David Frutos

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