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During the designing phase of Chongqing Garden Expo Park, we faced limitations in construction time, cost, weather condition and so on. Our biggest challenge is to accomplish a well-thought design product that is able to convey unique spatial experiences.

The external interface of the park is designed to be enclosed by inward-oriented walls from four sides, forming natural boundaries between the park body and the outside environment. Such style offers considerable spatial concentration to the park. The inner part is constructed as two identically parallel divisions, divided by the diagonal within a 15m*15m square field, and connected by a separate walkway. The two divisions are closely intertwined, while each are designed for specific purposes. One division is named as “Ci Yuan”, representing the reality of the world; while the other is titled as “Bi Yuan”, indicating the ideality of our heart. The multi-facet characteristic of the park is well demonstrated with the dreamlike appearance of Ci Yuan and the simplicity of Bi Yuan. In Ci Yuan, triangular pyramid frames were formed by scatters of intertwined metal lines, while the triangular pyramid frames, the ground, white walls, plants, and the sky are inter-reflected at various layers through the stainless steel mirrors installed within the park, forming a rich, spacious, free and changing construction style. In Bi Yuan, a featured dish filled with water is installed in a walkway paved with grey rubbles. The surrounding area is reflected at the peaceful water face, conveying spatial grace and elegance, while demonstrating the oriental aesthetic of “the world enclosed within the water drop”.





业 主:重庆正红园林景观设计工程有限公司
设 计 师:原筑景观
摄 影:宋本明,陈灿菊


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