Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Shopfront by PLY Union

a three dimensional wave created with metal truss

Project Specs


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The jewellery shop comprises two retail floors, with showcase shopfront on G/F and signboard extending from 1/F to 2/F. The shop was an existing one for more than ten years. The decision of landlord to demolish the canopy along the façade of shopping mall on 1/F provided an opportunity to extend the shop display from 1/F to 2/F. As the shopfront on G/F is set back from the building footprint, the signboard is rather disconnected from the shopfront.

▼正立面,the front view



The design explored the potential of the allowable 600mm installation zone for wall signboard to attain a 3-dimensional re-interpretation of the brand mascot- shoal of fish.

Due to the narrowness of pavement on Canton Road, the signboard targeted the audience on the opposite side of road. The design adopted 121 sets of vertical “truss” profiles formed by 3 different metal profiles with interference components to achieve a graphical composition which “transformed” relative to the movement of viewer.

▼以121组垂直”桁架”打造的波浪在不同视角下呈现出波浪起伏般的效果,121 sets of vertical “truss” profiles to achieve a graphical composition changing under different perspectives


Through the interplay of the different component profiles, their connection details, light and shadows, the signboards subtly manifested the exquisite craftsmanship cultivated in the jewellery making industry.

▼近景,close-up view

▼夜间,金属光泽赋予立面更加微妙的细节,the metallic luster gives the facade a more subtle detail at night

▼夜景,night view


▼视线分析图,sight diagram

▼杆件定位图,location drawing

▼三维及大样图,3d view and detail drawing





摄影:Office for Documentation of Built Environments

Location: Canton Road, Hong Kong

Client: Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Co., Ltd.
PLY Union Design Team: Lucia Cheung, Raymond Chan, Match Chan, Samantha Tam, Fondie Choi, Alex Yu
Year of Completion: 2015
Signboard Surface Area 117m2
Photographer: Office for Documentation of Built Environments

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