Chocolat the [city] by Rong design

To break the old and dull image of having chocolate.

Project Specs


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【CHOCOLAT】是一个系列实践性艺术合作项目,设计希望针对巧克力的机理特质,通过创意赋予其与众不同的艺术形态和文化主题,打破传统巧克力单调而无趣的食用过程,赋予全新而趣味十足的感受和体验。 城市的几何网格本身就拥有独一无二的艺术特质,而不同城市的布局与分割又蕴含了各个城市不同的人文与历史,是极具魅力和富有想象力的艺术形态。

【CHOCOLAT】is a series experimental art project by RONG. This project was based on the sculpturable feature of the chocolate, and created a series of unique and fascinating art forms and cultural themes for the products. We tried to break the old and dull image of having chocolate, while provided a brand-new experience with great imaginations. The magical city geometric matrix has a unique natural art characteristic. The various street layouts represent distinct culture and history of the cities. They are fascinating to us with extremely attractive art forms and great imagination.










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