CHIANG HOUSE, Hsinchu city,Taiwan by 2BOOKS space design

a modern apartment with grey and white 

Project Specs


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This project is intended for a single-storey apartment in the new building. In the construction planning, the builder had limited most of the interior pattern, making it impossible to change too much. For this, we set a goal. We hoped to grant this common project a subject, to show the unique lifestyle of the client.

▼起居空间,living space


Early in this project, we worked on the interior colour configuration, and hoped to figure out a colour scheme to coordinate the things of everyday use, such as the sofa, dining set, and some daily necessities. Later, we sorted out two main colour systems: grey and white. We used a hierarchy of grey in different textures and shades to harmonize the space, and used white to highlight the greys.

▼不同质感和色调的灰色让空间呈现出丰富的层次感,a hierarchy of grey in different textures and shades harmonizing the space

▼餐桌区,dining area

▼不锈钢凸显了厨房的整洁,steel cabinet stresses the clean atmosphere of  kitchen

▼开放式厨房增进了家人之间的交流,open kitchen increase the families communication


Clean lines are another emphasis of this design, used to direct the vision. Regarding the configuration of the public space, we opened up one of the bedrooms for reserved use as a greenhouse. We also extended the flooring materials and used glass doors with clean lines to blur the boundaries, making the public space more open and more flexible.

▼将其中一间卧室打通作为未来的温室使用,opening up one of the bedrooms for reserved use as a greenhouse

▼通往卧室的走廊,the corridor leading to the bedroom


▼卧室同样延续了灰白色调,辅以红色点缀,the bedroom continues the grey and white color


Project name: CHIANG HOUSE —江宅
Architect’ Firm: 2BOOKS space design—两册空间制作所
Contact e-mail:
Lead Architects: Jeff Weng—翁梓富
Project location: Hsinchu city,Taiwan—台湾,新竹市
Completion Year:2017
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 128㎡
Photo credits: moooten studio
Photographer’s website:

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