Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects

The cambered surface morphology shows the vitality of the Chi community.

Project Specs


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Chi She is an artistic group founded by ZHANG Peili, GENG Jiangyi, whose exhibition space in West Bund Art Exhibition Area characterizes an altitude towards realism, that is, chasing the spatial appeal, harmonizing with integral environment, as well as realizing formal representation corresponding with the artistic mission embedded inside. It is hoped that the building can provide a delicate and abundant compound art space, where contains various artistic events, such as curiosities exhibition, creative workshop and unpremeditated communication.

▼ 在破败不堪老建筑的基础上完成的改造,An exhibition space renovated from a dilapidated building

004-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects

▼ 青砖在入口位置形成了褶皱肌理, The entrance is curled up a lit bit and create a wrinkle wall texture

005-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects     006-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects


We retained the initial exterior walls, followed by the elementary performance enhancement and structure reinforcement, in order to attain the maximum exhibition space. Therefore, under the condition of maintaining the space perception of the whole artistic park, part of the roof has been elevated in order to create an interlayer space, where people could enjoy the intact sky view. Furthermore, the roofing structure has been replaced by a lightweight and more efficient tensioning string wood structure, and part of them is lifted to obtain the skylight indicating the climate change, which presents a sense of harmony. On the other hand, the greygreen bricks coordinated with this ancient building have been applied on the exterior part located on the main interface towards the park. When the wall in the entrance is curled up a lit bit, this generated wrinkle wall texture becomes the impressive part of the form manipulation, which represents the architectural expressions as well, that is, a status that embodies current cultural trends based on tradition.

▼ 屋顶抬高,获得夹层休息空间与北侧天光,The elevated roof creates an interlayer space and brings in the skylight

001-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects

▼ 富有温暖气息的张拉弦木结构屋顶,The tensioning string wood structure

011-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects

▼ 局部抬高获得表达气候时辰的北侧天光,The roof is lifted to obtain the skylight indicating the climate change

009-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects

010-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects

▼ 通往夹层空间的楼梯,Stairs to the interlayer space

012-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects


In order to complete such a masonry process that cannot be precisely achieved by traditional technology, we applied the robotic masonry fabrication technique by Fab-Union, which accomplishes the first endeavor to utilize the advanced digital fabrication technology to construct on site. The external walls of the Chi community were built by the recycled greygreen bricks from the old building and constracted with the help of the advanced technology of mechanical arm, which generates a cambered surface morphology, showing the vitality of the Chi community.

▼ 具有张力的曲面形态,The cambered surface morphology

007-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects     008-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects


The precise positioning of the integrated equipment of robotic masonry fabrication technique and the construction elaborately to the mortar and bricks by the craftsmen make this ancient material, brick, be able to meet the requirements in the new era, and realize the presentation of the design model consummately. The dilapidation of these old bricks coordinated with the stretch display of the curving walls are narrating a story of people and bricks, machines and construction, design and culture, which will be spread permanently in the shadows of the external walls under the setting sun.

▼ 机器臂砌筑工艺的使用,The robotic masonry fabrication technique

014-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects     015-Chi She, Shanghai by Archi-Union Architects


建筑:韩力 孔祥平 朱天睿 刘秦榕
结构:王瑞 沈俊超 张小峰 王锦
室内:王徐伟 陈晓明
设备:刘勇 江长颖 黎喜

Project Name: Chi She
Design Company: Archi-Union Architects
Digital Fabrication: Fab-Union Intelligent Engineering Co. Ltd.
Location: Building D, No.2555 Longtengdadao ,Xuhui District, Shanghai
Area: 199 sqm
Design: 02.2016 – 03.2016
Completion: 04/2019 – 09/2016
Architect: Philip F. Yuan / Archi-Union Architects

Design Team:
Architect : Alex Han, Xiangping Kong, Tianrui Zhu, Qinrong Liu
Structural Engineer: Rui Wang, Junchao Shen, Xiaofeng Zhang, Jin Wang
Interior Designer: Xuwei Wang, Xiaoming Chen
Construction Equipment: Yong Liu, Changying Jiang, Xi Li
Digital Fabrication: Yuchen Hu, Liming Zhang

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