Chair-moji by dot Make

A customizable set of stools

Project Specs


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Chair-moji is a set of stools/chairs designed for family, especially for children and their parents. The name of chair-moji comes from emoji, which is the new universal language for the young generation in digital world. These very simple graphic icons could convey very complicated and ambiguous meanings, shape the way we communicate with others. We want to bring this digital language back to the real world.

▼“椅moji”系列,Chair-moji collection


Chair-moji has two lines of products: the expression line and the animal line.



Expression Line



▼表情系列原型设计,diagram of Expression Line typology

The expression line is a small stool without backrest. Emoji icon is carved into the stool top by CNC machine and it gives the stool a lively look. By combining several basic elements(i.e. eyes, eyebrows, mouth, tooth), the stool could have hundreds of different expressions, just like the numerous emoji icons. Those expressions are sometimes functional and reflect its own structure. The mouth can be used as a hand holder to pick up the stool easily. The eyes are the round pin joints connecting the seat top and the legs. The front tooth is made of a tenon joint.



Animal Line



The animal line is a chair with an animal shaped backrest. By designing a chair that looks like an animal, we wish to establish an emotional connection between the owner and his furniture. The animal chair is not merely a piece of furniture, it may be more of a friend to a child.


▼动物系列原型设计,diagram of Animal Line typology

Apart from forward sitting position, a child can also sit backward on the animal chair like riding a horse. Its abstract form and simply design is to encourage children to unleash the power of imagination and to create different user scenarios by themselves.


The chair-moji series has a wide ranges of heights, from a first chair for a toddler to a bar stool for an adult.


We also designed a plug-in for WeChat App under the same name Chair-moji. By using this plug-in on mobile phones, customers can mix and match different elements to create their very own stools or chairs. Chair-moji provides functional furniture together with an unique customization experience.

▼用户可以在移动端自由定制凳子和椅子,by using this plug-in on mobile phones, customers can mix and match different elements to create their very own stools or chairs

材料:桦木多层板(24 mm)
Product: Stool/ Chair
Material: Birch Plywood (24mm)
Designed by: dot Make
Photo: Bai yuming, Gao Yuan

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