CCB Auditorium by Bak Gordon Arquitectos

A total sensory immersion in the cork

Project Specs


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贝伦文化中心(CCB)与软木材料生产商Corticeira Amorim每年都会邀请一位建筑师来设计一个用软木模块搭建的夏季临时项目。2021年的设计由Atelier Bak Gordon担任,他们为CCB设计了一座露天剧场,占据了广场一半的面积。

The Centro Cultural de Belém, together with Corticeira Amorim, annually invites an architect to design an ephemeral and modular cork architecture during the summer season. Atelier Bak Gordon responded to this invitation, designing an open-air auditorium that occupies half of the CCB square.

▼项目概览,general view © Francisco Nogueira

▼露天剧场占据了CCB广场一半的面积,the open-air auditorium occupies half of the CCB square © Francisco Nogueira


The extension of the intervention allows a total sensory immersion in the material/cork, savoring its texture, odor, temperature and, of course, the way in which sounds are propagated or absorbed.The amphitheater’s smooth slope lends an informality to the space and suggests the memory of southern landscapes.

▼用软木模块搭建的夏日剧场,a summer auditorium made of modular cork © Francisco Nogueira

▼座位区,seating area © Francisco Nogueira

▼舞台和座位,the stage and the seats © Francisco Nogueira

▼软木座椅细节,cork seats detail © Francisco Nogueira


The vicissitudes of health rules were converted into a spelling where the marking of seats becomes a kind of new language.

▼广场整体鸟瞰,square aerial view © Francisco Nogueira

▼座位区鸟瞰,seating area aerial view © Francisco Nogueira

▼座椅标记,the marking of seats © Francisco Nogueira

▼活动期间的剧场,the auditorium during the event © Francisco Nogueira

▼设计概念,concept © Bak Gordon Arquitectos

▼平面图,plan © Bak Gordon Arquitectos

▼剖面图,sections © Bak Gordon Arquitectos

▼座位设计示意,diagram © Bak Gordon Arquitectos

Technical Schedule
Architecture. Ricardo Bak Gordon
Collaboration. Pietro Dardano
Site location. CCB Plaza, Lisbon
Client. Belém Cultural Centre
Support. Amorim Isolamentos . cork
Areas. 900 m2
Date. Summer 2021
Photographs. Francisco Nogueira

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