Catalyst Cube by Will Sandy Design Studio + Incursiones

The moveable cube activate urban environment

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英国文化教育协会(British Council)与英国建筑师和委内瑞拉加拉加斯(Caracas)的一个公共空间项目展开了长达一年的合作,最终创造出这个名为Catalyst Cube的城市公共空间装置。

The Catalyst Cube is the result of a year-long engagement with the British Council that began with an open call of UK-based designers and included a public space workshop in Caracas.

▼装置外观,闭合的装置呈现出立方体的造型,exterior view of the installation, presenting a cubic volume when closed ©Edgar Martinez

该装置由来自伦敦的建筑师Will Sandy和来自加拉加斯的公司Incursiones共同设计,是一个小型的预制结构,可以为人们提供非正式的公共聚集空间。这个可移动的多功能立方体空间旨在促进社会、文化和教育之间的交流,为人们提供了一个实时的社区集会场所。

▼装置轴测图1,the axon view of the installation 1 ©Will Sandy Design Studio + Incursiones

▼装置轴测图2,the axon view of the installation 2 ©Will Sandy Design Studio + Incursiones

It is a design collaboration between London-based architect Will Sandy and Caracas-based firm Incursiones to create a small prefabricated structure that could occupy public spaces in informal settlements. This moveable, multi-functional cube is designed to inspire social, cultural and educational exchanges, creating an instant neighborhood focal point.

▼装置室内外空间,是一个小型的预制结构,the exterior and interior view of the installation that is a small prefabricated structure ©Edgar Martinez

Catalyst Cube装置是一种工具,能够激发市民们参与未来永久性设计和城市环境设计的欲望。它在设计和构造上都极具灵活性,可以支持从篮球比赛和展览、到社区活动和邻里聚会等各种活动。作为一种催化剂,该装置致力于在其所在的城市环境中增加人们互动、交流和发展的机会,从而激发城市活力,并相继在不同的城市节点上发挥作用。当城市的物质和社会结构不断发生变化的时候,Catalyst Cube可以为人们提供一个在一定的街区范围内,自行定义和管理公共空间的机会。

▼装置立面和功能分析,elevation and function studies ©Will Sandy Design Studio + Incursiones

The Catalyst Cube is a tool for engaging citizens in the future permanent design and uses of their urban environments. The flexibility of its design and configuration allows it to support a diverse range of activities, from basketball games and exhibitions, to community events and neighborhood meetings. As a catalyst, its objective is to increase the opportunities for interaction, exchange and development in its context, with the hope that these activities gather enough momentum so as to continue when the structure moves to its next location. The Cube can help to identify opportunities in the neighborhood, giving people the agency to define and curate public spaces for themselves at a time when cities physical and social fabrics are in constant flux.

▼装置室内外空间,装置在设计和构造上都极具灵活性,the exterior and interior view of the installation with the flexibility on design and configuration ©Edgar Martinez

▼装置作为展览空间,the installation as the exhibition space ©Edgar Martinez

▼装置作为儿童活动空间,the installation as children’s space ©Rui Cardozo (up);  ©Edgar Martinez (down)

▼装置内部空间,the interior view of the installation ©Edgar Martinez


▼装置局部,采用黄色的穿孔金属面板作为外围护结构,partial view of the installation, using yellow perforated metal panels as the enclosure ©Edgar Martinez

▼装置由钢结构、金属板和木材构成,the cube consists of a steel structure with metal and wood components ©Edgar Martinez

▼装置外墙面板细节,details of the exterior panel of the installation ©Edgar Martinez

The cube consists of a steel structure with metal and wood components that can be easily installed, operated and disassembled. It can be delivered to site as a whole or as a kit of parts, providing instant activation while minimizing disruption. It is tough and inviting at the same time, designed so as to attract attention to itself and be appropriated by a community for a period of three months. It was designed so as to be specific yet flexible, providing a clear framework while leaving enough tolerance so as to allow unforeseen uses and appropriations to emerge.

▼装置在现场装配,the assembly on site ©Edgar Martinez

▼在装置的屋顶种植植物,planting vegetation on the roof of installation ©Edgar Martinez

该装置于2019年11月正式面市,为一个文化激活系列活动(包括剧院表演、木偶剧表演、音乐演出、学习会、公开演讲、展览、3D视频地图绘制、“残疾人日(Day of People with Disabilities)”活动以及节日期间的其他季节性活动等)提供了场所。

The structure was unveiled in November 2019, hosting a program of cultural activations and engagements. These included theatre, puppet shows, live music, education sessions, public speaking, exhibitions and 3D video mapping, as well as activities for the ‘Day of People with Disabilities’ and other seasonal activities over the festive period.

▼夜间,装置可作为现场音乐会的场所,the installation hosting live music at night ©Edgar Martinez

▼装置爆炸轴测图,exploded axon ©Will Sandy Design Studio + Incursiones

▼装置平面图,plan ©Will Sandy Design Studio + Incursiones

PROJECT NAME: Catalyst Cube
PROJECT DATE: 2019-2020
LOCATION: Caracas, Venezuela
PROJECT AUTHORS: Will Sandy Design Studio (London, UK), Incursiones (Caracas, VE)
SPONSORSHIP: The British Council
FABRICATION: Smith-Falchetti
PHOTOGRAPHY: Edgar Martinez, Rui Cordovez

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