CASA MAX 12 Single family house, Valencia by DG Arquitecto Valencia

Minimalism in the Valencian orchard

Project Specs


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We are talking about quite an outdoor-closed house, which is only outward-looking in very specific points, in order to protect itself from the immediate surroundings. The greatest challenge we faced in this project was designing a single family house in a totally empty environment, where our building was meant to be the first one of the neighborhood.

▼远眺住宅,overlooking the house © Mariela Apollonio


A big wall protect us from the outside world. A great wall who creates a peaceful inner place to whom the house widely opens. A very simple dwelling with minimalist lines which develops in three heights.

▼住宅外观,project appearance © Mariela Apollonio

▼内部庭院,inner courtyard © Mariela Apollonio

▼住宅与庭院细部,details © Mariela Apollonio

▼与一楼起居空间相连的庭院,the courtyard connected to the living space on the first floor © Mariela Apollonio


A first floor, where the great daily life space is totally opened towards the inner courtyard. The day area is divided in three spaces: living room, dining room and kitchen, arranged around a strong centerpiece, where part of the kitchen cabinet can be used to hold the television set. The second floor is devoted to the night time area, where we can find two child’s bedrooms, a big play area which is outward-looking with views to the orchard and the main suite bedroom. Finally, in the third floor we can find the area of facilities, and a great terrace at the very top of the building, becoming an idyllic place to enjoy the most amazing views of the traditional Valencian orchard.

▼一楼客厅,living room on the first floor © Mariela Apollonio

▼厨房及楼梯间,the kitchen and staircase © Mariela Apollonio

▼拥有果园景观的房间,rooms with the view of orchard © Mariela Apollonio

▼卧室,bedroom © Mariela Apollonio

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